Sustainable Fashion & Living: Not Only Alia Bhatt, These Stars Have Also Embraced Repeating Fashion As A Trend!

From Sara Ali Khan’s regal blue Anarkali dress to Sushmita Sen’s 18-year-old saree, take a look at Bollywood divas who are proudly leading the way in embracing sustainable fashion by flaunting repeat outfits at various glamourous and special events.

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In a world that often thrives on the new and the novel, a refreshing wave of change is sweeping through Bollywood, challenging the norms of the fashion industry. While the glamour world typically discourages the act of outfit repetition, a growing number of Bollywood divas are proudly embracing the concept of sustainable fashion. They are not just wearing their outfits twice; they are making a statement by turning it into a trend. Let's take a closer look at the trailblazers who are rewriting the rules and setting a new standard for the industry.


Let's take a glimpse into the latest instances where these divas confidently showcased their sustainable style by elegantly repeating several high-end designers and embellished outfits on various occasions. From, Sara Ali Khan elegantly revived her regal blue Anarkali, three years after its debut, at Sanjay Leela Bhansali's niece's wedding. Alia Bhatt graced her first National Award ceremony in October 2023, donning her enchanting Sabyasachi wedding saree once again. To, Sushmita Sen surprising everyone by donning an 18-year-old saree at a 2023 Diwali party.

Check out the complete list of these trendsetting actresses below.

1. Sara Ali Khan’s Style Revolution


Sara Ali Khan, known for her infectious charm, has been silently rewriting fashion rules. No one noticed that just a few days before, she turned heads by re-wearing her Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla's regal blue Anarkali at Sanjay Leela Bhansali's niece's wedding, three years after its debut at Diwali. Sara's penchant for reusing outfits extends to iconic pieces, like her neon green Anarkali worn at her father's wedding reception in 2012, making a stunning reappearance in 2017 for a Diwali celebration. She proves that one kurta can offer two different looks, as demonstrated with her white silk kurta adorned with zari work, showcased in 2018 and revisited with a twist in 2019.

r/BollywoodFashion - Bollywood Celebrities’ Repeated Clothes (Ethnic Wear)


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2. Alia Bhatt’s Repeat Elegance


Alia Bhatt, a proud advocate for repeating outfits, recently broke the internet by donning her Sabyasachi wedding saree for her first National Award ceremony. Her peacock blue velvet Sabyasachi Kaftan dress, initially worn for 'Darlings' movie promotions in 2022, made a repeat appearance at Anissa Jain's baby shower. Alia exemplifies that elegance knows no bounds, especially when it comes to re-wearing iconic pieces with grace and style.


r/BollywoodFashion - Bollywood Celebrities’ Repeated Clothes (Ethnic Wear)

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3. Deepika Padukone: A Global Icon Redefining Trends


And the queen herself has fearlessly embraced the trend of outfit repetition setting a cool and sustainable example long before it became popular.

Deepika Padukone, a global icon and one of Indian cinema's top actresses, has long been an advocate for sustainable fashion. Breaking away from the norm, she showcased her prowess by re-styling her embellished wedding festivities Sabyasachi maroon dress suit for her first wedding anniversary at the visit to Golden Temple in 2019. Deepika's penchant for repeating outfits is evident in her silk saree gifted by Rekha, worn first at a friend's wedding in 2017 and replicated with finesse at an award function in 2018. Her recent Diwali celebration saw her donning the Sabyasachi red dupatta, originally worn in 2018 after her wedding, reinforcing the idea that style is timeless. Her unwavering commitment to reusing outfits, even when it was uncommon, highlights her influence in reshaping fashion norms.

Deepika Padukone


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4. Sushmita Sen’s Timeless Elegance

Sushmita Sen surprised everyone by gracefully repeating an 18-year-old saree for Shilpa Shetty's Diwali party, a garment that first graced her in 2005 on 'Koffee With Karan.' Sen's ability to seamlessly integrate nostalgia into her wardrobe reinforces the idea that timeless elegance never goes out of style.

5. Janhvi Kapoor's Cool Repeat Style

Janhvi Kapoor effortlessly repeats her wardrobe, demonstrating that it's chic to revisit fashion favourites. Her enchanting purple half-saree, worn during her visit to Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple in August 2023, made a repeat appearance just a few months later at Karan Johar's Dhanteras puja last month. Kapoor proves that a well-chosen outfit can transcend occasions and time.

6. Gauri Khan’s Sequined Revival

Gauri Khan shines a spotlight on sustainability by donning a red sequined saree at Isha Ambani's wedding in 2018 and re-wearing it for a family function in 2019. Her commitment to revisiting cherished outfits encourages a shift towards a more eco-conscious fashion mindset.

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7. Sonali Bendre's Time-Tested Fashion

Sonali Bendre breaks stereotypes by proudly repeating her 16-year-old ethnic attire, showcasing that some fashion pieces are timeless. Her heartfelt post on Instagram highlights the joy of fitting into an old outfit, celebrating the enduring charm of cherished clothing items. In the caption, she wrote, “Then and now pics are my favorite! It shows me how much has changed yet some things haven’t… like me fitting into an old outfit – I wore this 16 years ago, during my first trimester while carrying @rockbehl. And here I’m in the same outfit in 2022. Super happy that in this regard not much has changed.”

But the trend doesn't stop here; numerous celebs proudly showcase the art of repeating special outfits for special occasions, creating delightful eye feasts for us all. Explore the captivating images below for a closer look.


These Bollywood divas are not merely repeating outfits; they are pioneers in promoting sustainability and endorsing the idea that fashion should be a celebration of individual style rather than a race for the latest trend. By embracing and flaunting their repeated ensembles on various occasions, these stars are inspiring a generation to make conscious choices and appreciate the longevity of a well-curated wardrobe. The fashion industry is evolving, and these leading ladies are at the forefront of this stylish revolution.



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