Chanel Bag

Kiara Advani's Chanel Deauville Cloth Tote is worth Rs 5 Lakh. This is one the most loved handbag in the market and it is one the most expensive handbag from her collection. It gives perfect classic and feminine. vibe and is very functional and has space in it.

Fendi Bag

Kiara Advani's Leather bag is a collection from Fendi worth Rs 5 lakhs. It is a leather handbag, and it is a hand-crafted product along with embellishments. It has a neutral tone colour, and it has a twisted lock on both the sides. It is very stylist and is functional.

Saint Laurent Bag

Kiara Advani's handbag collection also includes Sa DE JOUR leather bag by Yves Saint Laurent. She has Sa De Jour's Neon Green handbag worth Rs 2.1 Lakhs. The classic bag is a perfect combination of style and class.

Stella McCartney

Kiara Advani is often seen carrying Stella McCartney handbag. She has a Canvas Falabella Fold Over Tote handbag worth Rs 3 Lakhs and it's covered in a yellow colour. The handbag is very stylist and comfortable to carry. It can be carried in two ways.

Gucci Bag

Kiara is often seen carrying her Gucci Jumbo Mini Tote Bag worth Rs 1.3 Lakhs. It is one of her besets collection, the beige and mint colour Jumbo Mini Tote bag is very comfortable and stylist it can be carried as a sling bag or crossbody.