Fashion: Look out for how Pop Queen Selena Gomez slays all her MV looks and makes our hearts drop with those spectacular fashion sense!

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Since her days acting as Alex Russo on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place,  Selena Gomez altered from an American sweetheart to one of pop’s most sensual divas. Since her debut solo in 2013s Star Dance, we can say that Selena has come a long way. And during this time she has gone up and up reaching various heights of success. From 2013 to 2020 Selena has released various hit albums all loved and appreciated by her fans. A point to be noted is that in all of these albums Selena is just slaying the audience with her beauty and personality. Her fierce and bold personality is clearly shown in her fashion, she just dazzles around the stage like a princess. Today special that is dedicated to her we would like to show you 10 of her most loved albums in which she killed all the viewers just by her looks.

1. Same Old Love
With words like “I’m not spending any time-wasting tonight on you,” “Same Old Love” is one of Gomez’s sassiest singles. It’s raw, full of emotions, and honestly, it can help you get over your past love in just three minutes. Keeping it simple and bold with a silky, black dress beneath an oversize white robe coat just makes her look hot having people going made behind her.

2. Slow Down
At number 2 we have her solo pop song “Slow Down”. The song features Gomez race across town in the backseat of a vintage Mercedes-Benz. Seen with her hair slicked back, she transforms a modified, broad-shouldered, magnified suit jacket into fashion armor. Along with a Knee-high gladiators sandal, she kills the floor.

3. The Heart Wants What It Wants
At number 3 we have one of the most emotional tracks on Selena’s album list. But being low doesn’t suit the girl as she is appeared to be in a sheer long-sleeve top which she wears above a bra with matching shorts. Nothing but elegance is shown by the singer in this album

4. Good For You
In Selena’s “Good For You,” we see a stripped-down side of the singer along with some poses on the couch in a floral dress which looked cute on her, and later sitting on a stool with nothing but a T-shirt on she was just rising the temperature in the room. The bold and fierce personality that we speak of is shown right here.

5. Bad Liar
This song surely tells us that it’s a fashion inspiration as here we see Selena as a college student wearing a flower print shirt with denim jeans and a denim jacket. The confidence and cuteness that she portrays by her fashion give the fans to love her.

6. Hands To Myself
This is yet another successful attempt by Selena to show her bold and feisty personality. The music videos show Selena to be an obsessive female over a very good looking guy as she enters his how’s goes through his wardrobe and wears an unbuttoned white silk shirt. All of this she does in her bra and underwear. The sexiness and bold behavior just show why she is considered to be the hottest singer in the industry.

7. Kill Em With Kindness
This is also another huge hit by Selena Gomez. The black slip dress and the LBD you see when the chorus of the song hits are beautiful, but it’s that white, silky frock with a billowing tulle tail that steals the show as Selena is just looking like a princess.

8. Fetish
In the song “Fetish.” Gomez smashes pink lipstick all over her teeth, slides an eyelash curler into her mouth. Displayed in a yellow floral dress from Simone Rocha’s spring 2017 collection she surely knows her fashion. It’s feminine, frilly, and a perfect choice.

9. Slow Down
This solo album shows Selena using accessories such as those glistening, dangling emerald earrings which go perfectly with her enriched, silver-and-green bejeweled bra top, makes her look like a fashion queen.

10. Come And Get It

Come and get it is one of Selena’s hit favorites which she made in vision of her favorite singer Shakira. Her appearance in the black gown as she dances while singing along with the red gown shown later in the video has won many hearts. The boldness and confidence are seen in this song.

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