EXCLUSIVE: “We are damn bored with an usual story”, says Prabu Solomon, the director of upcoming Bollywood film ‘Haathi Mere Saathi’

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A film based on environment preservation, presented by Eros Motion Picture, ‘Hathi Mere Sathi’ launched their promo recently. We roped in the director of the film Prabu Solmon to converse about the film and much more.

Many films have been made on animal conservation in the past but we asked the director what new will the audiences get to see in this one. Prabu quoted, “Many films have come having animals but there will be some cooked up stories, it is a real thing that happened. My elephants got orphaned because of corporate people. So, it is a real story and the audience will witness a new experience on screen.”

We have seen many masala movies but asking the reason why will the audience watch the movie as whats special in this one, to which the director said, “We are damn bored with this usual story, a man fighting for society. For the past 2 3 decades, we are seeing this kind of films only. And first of all, I am an audience. We had a big fashion over this wildlife story. So, I got a chance to do a man-animal conflict. It was a very tougher job to make this film. But it has come out well. I don’t want to be a filmmaker, seeing a film and doing a film. I want to make something new. I tried it. If get proper encouragement, I’ll do more of this kind of films.”

“Every day was a challenging day. Having 18 elephants on the set, feeding them and giving them water, looking after them more than our team was a big challenge. Because elephants don’t have the same characters. One will be reserved, one will be calmed. Every day there was a new experience for all of us.”, Prabhu shared the challenging stunt from the film.

With the pandemic blooming, movies are releasing in the theatres after a long hiatus, so will it have any disadvantages on the film’s business? To which Prabu explained, “In the South, there is 100% occupancy allowed. Slowly people have started to come to theaters. And this kind of films are theatrical films. You can experience it only in theatres. With proper sound. Surely the audience can enjoy it after a long pause. And I have a positive clear vision that surely ‘Haathi Mere Saathi’ will bring everyone to the theatres and change the mood. This is the film for all who loves nature and everyone loves nature.”

Solmon also spoke about environment stability and how we are lacking in it. He said, “No, we don’t have that awareness of nature unless we have controlled everything. All kinds of pollution and all. We would have controlled it. Pandemic’s main reason is the disturbance of the ecosystem.”

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