EXCLUSIVE: Tu Bhi Sataya Jayega lyricist Kaushal Kishore says ‘I often hesitate to write the girls part’

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The young lyricist Kaushal Kishore is giving super hit songs in this tough time where music is a way to amplify the mood. From Muskurayega India to now Tu Bhi Sataya Jayega featuring Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin, Kaushal has given us remarkable songs.

We exclusively spoke to the 30 years old and had a conversation regarding his writing and many more.

How this journey of being a lyricist started? What motivated you and inspired you throughout this journey?

My father and my uncle, who is also a father figure to me. I remember when I was in the 6th std, he gave me a one rupee coin and asked me to keep writing the way I do now. So yes I have been writing sincerely since then. And the turning point in my career was back in 2010. I came to Mumbai in 2006 and started struggling and went and knocked the doors of the writers association but they rejected me saying that I am not qualified enough to be in the predicate of a lyricist. But Mohanlal Ji who is a very renowned actor in the South gave me my first break in a film called ‘Kandhaar’ and that’s how I got my first break in 2010.

Last year you came up with Covid-19 song ‘Muskurayega India’ so how did you get the inspiration?

The corona warriors inspired me. So we did a con-call where Vishal Ji and Jacky Bhagnani was also present. So I tried and gave a very positive outlook to the song as I hate the word ‘Corona’. I kept it as sublime as possible and touch wood by gods grace it got a very great response.

Do you feel the music industry is losing its essence by making remixes of old golden songs?

I am in favour of it and also against it and the reason is, you should not touch the old classic songs but whenever a new version of an old song is made, the royalty is given to the one who wrote the song and to the one who is making a new version out of it. Even if you see my recent release ‘Bewafa’ the original writer of the song has been given the credit everywhere as the ‘original writer’. I also texted him saying that ‘If I committed any mistake while re-creating the song then please forgive me considering your own son’ so this kind of an attitude is something that the youth needs to have!

Do you feel the lyricist is not given his due credit?

Yes, absolutely! But nowadays the audience is becoming smarter. They know who has given birth to the song! Because the role of the lyricist is no less than the composer, singer, director or the actors. Because if I write a very meaningful song that strikes the right chord in the hearts of the audience then the entire crew will be benefitted. But if I write a song which is close to mediocre then everybody’s efforts will go down in the drain.

Many talented singers have given voice to your words, so which singer has given full justice to your song and that’s why that song is closer to your heart?

My recent song ‘Tu Bhi Sataya Jayega’ Aly and Jasmin have given full justice to the song and they are looking wonderful. The entire story of the song was also conceived by me and the director has done a fab job! The entire crew was a dream to work with. I often hesitate to write the girls part because they are very witty and can sense the emotions of a person quite quickly but in this one I have written the girls part in a way where she is expressing her anger through love and it has come out wonderfully!

Which song is the closest to your heart?

I have written a lot of songs, but Muskurayega India will always stay very close to my heart. A 70 year old man from Jaipur who was battling with COVID sent me a voice note where he said that I thought the world is coming to an end but after listening to the song, I feel as if we will revive from the situation and we will be happy as we were before.

Every writer or lyricist has his favourite space or home within the home kind of space where you generate most of your ideas, so what’s that special place for you?

For me the travel time is the best time to write songs. I wrote a song back in 2008 which is releasing soon under the banner of Tusshar Kapoor’s production house! I wrote that song when I was struggling back then I had walked all the way from Goregaon to Andheri because I didn’t know anything back then.

Tell us something about your future projects?

There are many, I am working on a lot of songs with VYRL and you’ll get to see around 10 songs this year. And I am also working on a patriotic song which will release in the upcoming 2 months!

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