EXCLUSIVE: Singhsta opens up about Modern Ranjha’s idea, equation with Yo Yo Honey Singh, his struggle and much more…

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After composing some superhit songs like ‘Makhna’ and ‘Billo Tu Aag’, Punjabi star Singhsta again paired with Honey Singh and released a new party anthem ‘Modern Ranja’. 

Composed and written by Singhsta, the song has become a superhit, many people are making reels on the song. This is the third consecutive hit song of the duo, Singhsta and Honey Singh.

We exclusively spoke to the Punjabi sensation and lyricist and tried to learn about his equation with the superstar of Rap culture Honey Singh and much more.

Here Are some excerpts from the conversation :

You are a writer and composer of this party anthem Modern Ranjha, and also it has fun lyrics, so how did you get the idea?
-People get to listen to new vocabulary. Which is different from other songs. The Punjabi vocab is very vast comprising of a lot of words. Keeping that in mind, I have composed some new things related to the young generation. 

Tell us something about modern Ranja?

  • I made this song 3 years back. When I create music at that time I write lyrically also. So at that time, 1 line from the song striked immediately in my mind. And keeping that one line in my mind, I composed an entire song. The song talks about a lover, But that lover must be modern and not traditional. So the title popped up in my head which is ‘Modern Ranjha’. So that’s how I made this track. 

How was the experience of working with a superstar of Indian Rap culture, Yo Yo Honey Singh again for a brand new youth relatable single?

-It’s amazing. He is like my family. It feels good when a big artist supports you so much. It’s a blessing for a struggling artist like me. He found me this capable that he calls me his little brother is all that I can ask for. He has taught me to be patient and I follow his advice. More than singing he has taught me about life. 

You are in the music industry since 2013, and since then till now the music industry has changed a lot, as a lyricist or composer which difference do you notice?

-Today’s artists are doing well. They are writing and composing good things. Everyone is singing well. I feel there are varieties of songs and the audience are confused as to whom to listen to first. I try and strive to make a position for myself where after some years audience talks about Singhsta, and they should say that his old songs were best. 

Which difficulties did you face while launching your first track?

-There was no one to teach me. I have learned everything from YouTube. If somebody would have taught me so I would have established my career sooner.

Is it tough for newcomers/outsiders to step into the music industry?

-It’s not tough at all. If you have talent, there are so many labels to support you. Like Desi Music has supported me this time. When you have talent if just have to put it on YouTube, the audience will make you viral. In 2015 I launched my new song that didn’t get many views but Honey Singh signed up a project with me after listening to that song.

Many newcomers fail when they try to stand up, so what advice you would like to give them?

-People sometimes reject god also. I feel take rejection is a form of motivation. If someone has rejected you so work hard and show them how good you are. Believe in yourself. His vision may not be that capable to see your worth. Never step back. People judge big stars too, so that’s okay.

Watch the song here:

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