EXCLUSIVE : Mumbai Saga actor Vivaan Parashar recalls the advice he got from John Abraham and more

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The young actor Vivaan Parashar is all ready to make his grand debut in B-town with the crime drama Mumbai Saga. The film features John Abraham, Emraan Hashmi, Sunil Shetty, Kajal Agarwal and many more.

Pop Diaries exclusively spoke to Vivaan and asked him about his character in the film, his equations with other stars.

Talking about his character Vivaan said, “I am the sweetest and cutest gangster you will ever see. So when you will watch the film you will get to know why I am saying this.”

As the film features two notable actors John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi, we asked Vivaan about his bond with the actors, Vivaan added, “It was an institution. It was like going to the training school again because such big stars, John Sir, Sanjay Gupta sir are an institution in themselves, Gulshan Grover sir is also one of them. Every single actor in the film has a very notable presence. I just wanted to learn as much as possible. Even on the days when I was not supposed to shoot, I used to still go on the set no matter how far it was. Because I got an opportunity to learn from them. So that was great. And I think that’s what made me grow as an actor because after that, whenever I give an audition, or I go for shooting I feel confident. Because I have worked with such experienced people so that confidence comes. Plus, the confidence that my team members like John Abraham sir, Emraan Hashmi gave me is inexplicable. They were always so nice and encouraging towards my work and me. They treated me like an equal. So when you work with your ideal that feeling is different. So that was a connection I had. And they say, actors don’t stay in touch after the project but we all are still in touch, it’s been more than a year now. I hope this connection stays forever.”

Vivaan called John his mentor! We asked him about his equation with John to which he said, “He has given me a lot of advice. In the lockdown, I was getting a little anxious about my work, so I called him. I said John Bhai I am looking for some work, please guide me to which he said, ‘hold on and believe in whatever you have done. I am sure you will get more work soon’. And the way he spoke to me calmed me down that was something I will never forget. Because the shooting was over by then. He didn’t need to go out of his way and comfort me but he still did that. Onset also, gave a lot of advice. He said don’t focus on the things which are not in control that was a second thing he taught me. When I say he is my mentor, I mean it.”

Vivaan is an outsider but we asked him Post Working With Naseeruddin Shah, Now Working With the multi-talented cast of Mumbai Saga, makes him feel that he is set as an actor in the industry? he went on to say, “That you people will decide. But I think you are never set and the day you think like then that’s the day when things go wrong. There should hunger within you. I feel great that I am gaining recognition. I have struggled for 15 years so I have encountered that. So I know to take nothing for granted.”

“There are so many incidents. I remember I had a long schedule with others but only a single day with Emraan Bhai. So I got my script signed by him. And I am a fan of Emraan sir and admire him a lot but when we were on set I didn’t say anything. He was focusing on his work and I didn’t want to break his focus. But the minute my shoot ended and I ran to my vanity got freshen up and went to his van. And then I talked to him for 15-20 minutes. I was talking to him like a fan and he was smiling at me. And then I got a picture with him. And his sign is one of my treasured things”,  Emraan’s biggest fan, Vivaan shared his memorable incident from the film.

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