Exclusive Interview With COMICSTAAN SEMMA COMEDY PA Judge & Host, Talking On How Comedians Can Create A Fine Line Between Insensitive Jokes Which Are Actually Funny And Not Offensive


Comicstaan Tamil is already streaming on Amazon Prime Video by taking it, already there’s a huge craze going on!

So recently, we gotta chance to chat exclusively with incredible judge and host of the show Praveen Kumar and Mervyn Rozaria.

While talking to them we asked them about..

In the Celebrity world, as these days the negativity and harassment is spreading much. Being you guys awoke comic people who initiate more laughter. What do you guys have to say about that?

“The internet is full of people with negativity, that I totally understand. We don’t give offence, people take offence. If they’ve the mindset of finding in some fault, then they will definitely find fault. If they have their mindset of enjoying the show without thinking too much they will enjoy the show everything, is in the mindset of the people.”

Adding on to that, Praveen sir said, “There are people who don’t like stand up comedy. One of the main reason is stand up comedy is very new to India. The show like Comicstaan on Amazon Prime Video will make them understand about what standup comedy is. They will understand about what comedians are going through, the journey of how they are becoming from a raw comedian to a good comedian. By making sure people will know it’s not a comedian who randomly walks on stage and starts talking, NO!”

Sometimes comedians cross the line and become insensitive or create jokes which are at the expense of somebody else’s humiliation!?

Adding on to the previous answer, Mervyn Rozaria added, “We can’t say nobody is without doing a mistake. Sometimes we feel it’s a joke and funny, must be perceived as insensitive and people might take it as insulting others. The process which goes on, but at the end of the day you can be your own judge. If you are able to answer yourself peacefully ‘ok I’ve done mistake’ you’ve to see what better you can do! If you feel you have not done anything wrong then you can firmly stand on your point.”

Further they talked about they will definitely try to give more limelight for the talent we should talk about. That’s really great about them! So the show like COMICSTAAN, you should definitely lookout for and enjoy laughing your heart out. You can checkout the reviews, there are all positive back comments coming out. The show will definitely not disappoint you!

Do not miss out the fun in your life! So go and binge watch all the episodes of the show like COMICSTAAN SEMMA COMEDY PA – Season 1, available only on Amazon Prime Video.

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