EXCLUSIVE: “I am doing this song because it doesn’t objectify women or her body”, says Sandeepa Dhar

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The trailer of Salman Khan’s film ‘Kaagaz’ released on Thursday. Actress Sandeepa Dhara who is doing a special song in the film expressed her ecstasy in an exclusive conversation with Pop-Diaries.

The song done by Sandeepa is a male-centric song, so when asked about the major deciding factor of the song the actress stated, “Firstly, Kaushik Ji called me for the song and the first thing he said that come I will narrate the story to you, hear the story and see if you want to be a part of the film. He didn’t say here is the song and you have to do this. He narrated the story, and the story was such a fantastic one and unbelievable, also it is based on a true incident. I could not believe that something like this happens in our country. So I immediately agreed to be a part of this. Because first time Salman Khan is producing a film like ‘Kaggaz’. So it is an amalgamation of a fantastic story that is been told along with a producer like Salman Khan. And then I heard the song, one of the biggest reason why Kaushik Ji wanted to do this song because the song doesn’t objectify women, but it talks about a men. I am singing about a man. I am not singing about me or my body. You can have an entertaining song in a film and yet make that not look like a vulgar one. So, I think that was the major deciding factor for me. And the choreographer justified the song completely.”

The actress managed to mug up the whole song within the span of a night, talking about the same Sandeepa said, “I didn’t have a choice. Push comes to you when you don’t have any choice and you know you have to do this correctly so you figure out a way to push yourself and do the job you are suppose to do. And that is exactly what I did. God was with me on that day, that I manage to do it well.”

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Dhar has quoted about major disadvantages of outsiders so we asked about her difficulties she faced when she started her career, on which she quoted, “I can’t complain about the difficulties that I faced at the beginning of my career because for me it came on the platter. I didn’t want to be an actor but it happened and the opportunity was presented to me. So, to begin with, I didn’t have any difficulties. To talk about the difficulty to get a chance I feel like for me it happened so easily. I feel the only difference for somebody from the industry is the first opportunity for them comes easily. An outsider will probably have to wait for a much longer and probably do 100 auditions and finally land up with that one opportunity.”

Sandeepa will soon be seen in an untitled Netflix series, the star shared some information about her debut in the web project, she says “I am super excited and nervous. I am going to start shooting in two days. And I am looking forward to working with an amazing set of people. I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning than this. Because the story is amazing, my role in it is amazing and I am quite excited to kick start this journey.”

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