EXCLUSIVE : ‘Hope You Dont Mind’ pair Qaran Mehta and Nidhi Shah on their song touching 5 million views, bonding and much more

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In today’s trend of music videos and dance numbers, who wouldn’t want a conglomerate of both? We recently chatted with the duo of ‘Hope you don’t mind’ Qaran Mehta and Nidhi Shah) and we got to know a lot about their struggles, the song touching the 5 Million mark and much more!

Qaran Mehta:

A tale of love and despair, can you please elucidate a bit on the concept? And what was the reason behind choosing this one?

Eventually, what the song is trying to say. It is trying to put forth a relatable emotion. In every relationship there are ups and downs, and there’s a certain emotional journey that a person takes. So the song exposes that, it shows the contrast couple. They show the couple in the initial day of their relationship and how they start to contrast and they are seperated. But what it shows is, what happens is what happens when they both collide together. So that is something we wanted to explore on screen.

You’ve worked in Bollywood primarily, is it difficult for the fresh talent to breakthrough in?

I think Bollywood is a very welcoming place for newcomers. As long as your work us good and you set a good attitude and you know how to maneuver in the industry. It is really a place with a lot of opportunities. I don’t think it is difficult as long as your work is good.

Was it difficult for you to get work in your initial days?

Everyone goes goes through it and that’s the formative part of ones journey. But as long as you are patient. And you’re no longer in any hurry to take any position. Life trains you during that journey. Its okay that if you take time to reach on to a place in your life. In the start I was very fortunate as I was introduced to Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Pritam. I was really lucky that I got a chance early in my career.

In an interview, Shaan had quoted that ‘Musicians have a very short shelf life’ how true is that according to you?

I think that is very relative the way we artist are putting ourselves out there. I think in India there are many artists who make music that is going to work on the opening weekend. But if the musician have a longer vision and if you make your work according to that then you are going to last long. If your work has a long shelf then you have a long shelf life.

Nidhi Shah:

Television to Music, what next? Vision for the future, what areas you want to explore as an artist? 

-I think it’s going to be movies, web series and much more. 

Portraying Kinjal on Tv v/s Portraying the girl in the video, which is closer to the real Nidhi Shah.

I think I can connect more with Kinjal because she has all the good qualities.

How did your fans react to the Music Video?

-They genuinely loved it. They find a song catchy and there is also the credibility of Anupama. So for me, there is a responsibility that comes here. I was a bit nervous earlier, whether I should do this or not. But when I did it I was really happy because of the amount of DMs I am receiving.

Your take on the track.

The song is refreshing. You can listen to this while going on a long drive, or in the club, you can dance on this. This song is fantastic. 

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