EXCLUSIVE : Here’s how Telly Stars reacted on the COVID-19 vaccine being launched in India

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While the entire world is experiencing a sigh of relief as the COVID-19 vaccine finally arrived in India. Although the level of petrification has lowered but the constant reminder of the pandemic still being in the air did not allow us to be at peace as at some point we all thought that this is the end of the world. But somehow this time also we over came this situation which seemed impossible to end. We asked some big stars from the small screens on their reactions to the first big news of 2021, let’s take a look and see how they reacted.

Aditi Sharma : I’m very happy that finally, the vaccine is here. People have been waiting for one and a half year. But at the same time, I think we should look at it positively and feel at least we have something which we can use against the virus because it was so major earlier, so I think it is good that it has finally come and I’m sure government and doctors have approved this because of its substantiality. So, I want to take things positively here.

Pooja Banerjee : I truly believe that the authoritative bodies must’ve incorporated all the measures before they took up the prerogative of distributing the vaccines! Moreover, we live in the 21st century where the modern sciences is progressing each day. I really feel, hope and pray that this puts a full stop to all the misery the world went through due to the virus. It is also a breather for all of us as 2020 has been crazy for all of us.

Donal Bisht : It’s been one year now, doctors are doing research and trying to make the vaccine. And I believe that the government has approved the vaccine because there will be something positive. And that’s why they are using the vaccine from 16th January. Because things must have been planned. Because it’s been one year, and the doctors who are making it are doing a great job. If the vaccine is free in India and then people say ‘where did the money go of PM Care Fund?’ I think it is going here. It was a great initiative and I believe what they are doing is the right thing. I’m looking forward to it. India has come up with 2 vaccines. We have calibre, and the right people to make the vaccine may be better than the other country. I believe in our country and our people. And I believe our government will do best for us. And let’s see what happens. And I am proud also that India has come up with two vaccines. It is a proud moment for us and we should appreciate it.

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