EXCLUSIVE: Have a look at why pop singer Shweta Shetty said She Has forgiven the past; talks in detail about her new track ‘Jalne Mein Hain Mazza’

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Our favourite 90’s pop singer has made her strong come back with the track which gave us a major 90’s nostalgia, the song is called ‘Jalne Mei Hain Maza’.

We spoke with the singer exclusively and asked her about her come back, take a look at what she had to say

As you are re-entering the music industry after a long hiatus so how are you feeling? Do you feel or any kind of burden being bestowed on your shoulders?

  • While doing the song I had a lot of fun. The process of choosing this song was very simple because I love this song. I wanted to do it since 1994. This is like a real dream coming true. Bringing the life back who’s 1990’s kid had they know me by music, their memories attached, reconnecting with that was a little scary. This a more Advanced and bold concept.

You have done various songs till now, which one is the closest to your heart amongst all?

  • Jalne Mein Hain Mazaa has been closest to my heart. Also ‘Johny Joker’ because that was my debut and ‘Mangta Hain Kya’. I would like to thank Rahman for giving me this opportunity to use my own uniqueness in that song. 

With Jalne mein hain mazaa you bring the 90’s vibe back. so do you observe any difference in the music industry then and now?

  • Independent music and artists have a huge platform now. We all were on TV channels. Then we were not on Instagram and all. Our generation did not possess all those things. For us, it was direct contact through TV and news. Social media is also a huge factor. The new generation is also ready to accept everything. There is a huge market for independent music.

In 90’s the genre of Indie Pop or Pop was at the apex, today, we see a new rise in the same however at the cost of losing our original amidst remixes, what’s your take on the same.

  • In the ’90s the artists were not spooned fed. Today, independent artists and music are into following a certain trend which changes which is why we don’t see the success rate. Very few like Guru Randhwa and Yo Yo Honey Singh have a brand of their own. Very few are thinking out of the box. I have always been experimental with my songs.

Last year you opened up about being blacklisted and banned by the music industry so, who do you see as a culprit here? 

  • Let’s not get stuck in the past. I have forgiven everyone and I don’t want to repeat all that. 

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