Exclusive: Featuring Small Businesses: Dream A Dozen Headed By Megna Jain Has An Inspiring Story, Read Full Interview

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Brownies, cakes and cupcakes are everybody’s weaknesses, right? From children to elders, no one can say no to cakes.

Megna Jain, 23, runs a bakery in Bangalore named ‘Dream A Dozen’ solely, offering a variety of creamy and tasty customized desserts, which are all 100% eggless.

We spoke exclusively with Megna and asked her about her source of motivation and what drove her to run the whole bakery solely.

Megna started baking in her college days and had chosen the commerce field. We asked her about her interests and inclinations, to which Megna replied, “I had gone for a baking class when I was in 11th, it was a summer workshop and it was a lot of fun and I used to do everything at home. So, it started with that and since my family loves sweets and desserts, I started baking for all of us! I was interested in baking but not interested in any of the other activities like cooking. Also, I was more inclined towards taking it on a trading canvas . So then I chose not to be a chef but an entrepreneur.”

Every entrepreneur goes through a difficult journey to reach the pinnacle of success. Talking about the same, Megna quoted, “I think I am at a very basic stage. I want to build a company that should at least sustain for the next 50 – 60 years in the market. In the beginning, I was doing everything on my own from baking to deliveries. Then we moved on to the commercial stage. There, I had difficulties because the caretaker had problems with us and kept harassing us. So one day he cut the electricity, the other day he would bring down our signboard and every week we had some or the other trouble and we were not able to point out who was doing it until we put up CCTV cameras. So, that was the most troublesome point. Also, in general, employing people is very difficult. Because they learn from you and take all your resources and start up their own business.”

Talking about the opportunity that became the turning point of Megna’s career, she said, “-I don’t think that there is only one turning point because when you look back, there are several points. For example, in the 11th standard, we had an accountancy project where we had to create a business plan. At that time I didn’t have any idea. But for the sake of fun, we created a project where we said that this girl is going to open a bakery and this is her initial capital and this is how much sales she makes. So that small thing you do over the years comes true. A lot of things at the young age inspire you, some of the books that I read on Starbucks were inspirational to me. I used to watch a lot of MasterChef episodes that were also inspirational.”

Megna is tilted towards women empowerment and has an all-women kitchen staff working with her, we asked her the reason, to which Jain said, “I think it’s very important and that’s why we run an all women-kitchen. The food industry is a very male dominating industry. I used to work in a factory as a trainee, and there were 300 people in the factory. All of them were men. All of these people are not from a very educated background, from North-East and they are coming for enjoyment. Their attitude towards women is also different. They used to ask me, ‘Aapke Bhai Nahi hai kya gharpe ki aapko kaam Karna pad Raha hai?’. They cannot digest the fact that a woman is working. Women are very creative by nature. They will be at their home, cook food but never go beyond that. That’s why I decided to bring in a change in the industry.”, Megna added.

Lastly, we asked Megna about that one tip that would never go wrong with amateurs who want to make a career in this field, to which Megna advises, “Success doesn’t come to you very fast and most of the people close their restaurants in 5 to 7 months. Most people don’t stick to it and if you can complete the early 3 – 4 years then you’ll keep going. But if you give up in 1 or 2 years then whatever you do, it will not work.”


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