EXCLUSIVE: “Even though there is no skin to skin contact but your intention is the same”, says Meera Deosthale

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The social media has currently been taken through a storm as all the netizens are expressing their disagreement over a law that has been passed by the Bombay High Court which stated that ‘groping a child’s breast without skin to skin contact can not be termed as sexual assault as characterized under the Protection Of Children From Sexual Offences (POCOS) act.

We spoke to the Udaan actress Meera Deosthale who also was seeming miffed over the entire scenario. When asked about the same, the actress said, “They have said that the rule will be held as women modesty. ‘It is like we won’t charge you for rape but you have touched a woman inappropriately and violated her privacy which is why we will punish you.’ That is the law they have come up with. I was reading about it yesterday and I read every woman has been molested in some way or the other on this planet.”

The actress also showed empathy towards the victim and added, “It is about a 12-year-old girl, and imagine a trauma that girl goes through even if you are saying, it is not a rape, they haven’t unzipped her or took out her clothes but you groped her and she did not like it which is not right. 12-year-old or adult women, if you are groping her and she is uncomfortable about it, it is not right in any way. They are saying that we can not term it as a rape, but your intention was the same. I am not with the verdict that has passed. I’m completely against it because of the kind of mental trauma that a person goes through or the physical discomfort, who will think and talk about that. There are so many creeps around. There are paedophiles who harass the kids. There was an incident where a kid in the bus was sitting and there were men who pushed their genetials against her or harassed her in public, what will you hold this against. Even though there is no skin to skin contact but your intention is the same.”

The actress concluded by saying “We live in a society where half of the country and its people including women are still going with the same patriarchal system.”

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