EXCLUSIVE : Debina Bonnerjee reveals her birthday plans says, “will celebrate in a cosy corner of my room with Gurmeet Choudhary and parents by my side”

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Actress Debina Bonnerjee who will turn 38 tomorrow reveals her birthday plans. The actress also expressed her grief as this will be her second consecutive birthday that she’ll be celebrating amidst the lockdown. Pop Diaries roped in the Chidiya Ghar actress and asked her about her birthday plans, and much more.

We began the conversation by asking her about her birthday plans in the lockdown, to which she said “I would assume I am celebrating with a lot of friends, I am going out somewhere, But I would just assume. But I will celebrate in a cosy corner of my room. With Gurmeet and my parents by my side. Maybe some friends from my building might come”.

Furthermore, we asked her If the pandemic wouldn’t have been there, how Debina would have celebrated her birthday, to which she said “I would have gone out of town, maybe Europe. That is what we had planned”.

We then asked her if she has the slightest hint about how Gurmeet will make an effort to make It special? Would he cook for her on her special day, to which Debina burst out in tears, she quirked “Then I would be starving. He can not cook at all”.

But as we all know, that the husband and wife duo are known for their fitness regime. So would she eat a cake on her birthday atleast? To which she replied “I would like to have a particular caramel cake on my birthday because the rest of the days I am completely out of sweets. I don’t eat sweets. I am waiting for this day to eat my cake, I don’t eat cakes other time”.

And last but not the least, we also asked the actress whether she prefers partying with friends as parties and the people of the showbiz go hand-in-hand. But to our surprise Debina made a shocking revelation! She said “I am not like a party person. Usually, we celebrate my birthday with my friends, dancing at my home. I dance with my friends but don’t like to do clubbing”.

When we asked her why and is she the same since her teenage days? To which Debina averred ” 18-year-old Debina is the foundation stone of what Debina is today. Even then I never partied. I went to a club only once in Kolkata when I was 17, my Mummy was standing in the balcony waiting for me till I came back home. I don’t like that environment of clubs as well. Even today I don’t like going out to a club where there is loud music. I would prefer to talk with my friends Maybe at my place or a restaurant. So, there is not much of a difference”

Quite shocking, huh? She further continued “I feel the audacity has increased. At that time I couldn’t go to the party because my Mummy used to wait for me but now I can go. But now I don’t like to as the change of perception was rooted since then only. Somewhere I feel that you do not or should not become somebody because of anyone else, you are always you”.

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