Exclusive: Bold Yet Beautiful, X Zone Is A Brave Erotic Thriller!

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X Zone
Exclusive: Bold Yet Beautiful, X Zone Is A Brave Erotic Thriller

Rating: 3/5

There is a very thin line that differentiates a sleazy B grade film from a classy erotic tale. X  Zone thankfully falls in the latter half, one that tantalizes your senses and tempts you into submitting towards its alluring world, but never reaches for the low hanging fruit. The film is bold, no doubt, its explicit love making scenes will truly leave you breathless, for sure, but the biggest star in this hot ride is the story, a yarn of horror that scares the heebie-jeebies out of you!

When you think of erotica, Bollywood is still far behind in that race to produce a mature intimate tale that contains sex but not just for the sake of it. X Zone is finally a right step in that direction, with a restrained aesthetic sensibility that entices but doesn’t cheapen the proceedings. It also contains an important message of how feelings, bodies and hearts shouldn’t be played with.

As the movie begins, a playboy is caught red handed with his pants down by his fiancé, which then gives way to a series of events that ultimately conclude at an eerie desolated bungalow in the middle of nowhere. Six friends reunite, setting their past differences apart to enjoy at a farmhouse. What starts as a night of sinful frolic, slowly turns into a game of bloody death. One by one, the bodies start to pile as an unknown entity begins to brutally kill these youngsters.

The youngsters in question are perfectly cast too, displaying the right amount of youthful joy and abandon. May it be Hasan Zaidi, Kapil Arya or Samir Khan essaying the mischievous boys or Saira Khan and Raiya Sinha as the carefree damsels, all have done a great job. Diandra Soares is a scintillating surprise package as well!

Speaking of surprises, Hrishitaa Bhatt makes a spirited comeback, as a woman who was scorned and betrayed, but never gives up her thirst for revenge. Her scenes are a stand out as the actress manages to chill you in one scene and win you over with her vulnerability in another. She is further complemented by a fantastic Ganesh Yadav who reminds us what a treasure he is to Indian cinema.

ShemarooMe Box Office is now the undisputed king of variety. Erotic horror, psychological thriller, mystery or drama, there is so much variety on this platform! X Zone is another exciting addition in its already interesting line up of movies. The film is a steamy guilty pleasure that leaves you asking for more by the end.

X Zone is streaming on ShemarooMe Box Office from 18th of September 2020.

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