EXCLUSIVE : Big Boss 14’s Jasmin Bhasin talks about Aly and Rakhi’s showdown, calls Rubina a ‘Back-bitcher’

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Jasmin Bhasin was one of the strongest contenders in the Big Boss 14 who recently got evicted, that’s the reason why her eviction came out as a shocker and left all the housemates and the host of the show Salman Khan in tears.

Salman Khan used to always appreciate the Dil Se Dil Tak actress, for her great game tactics inside the house and she also secured her place in the hearts of plethora of her fans.

Post elimination, Jasmin spoke exclusively with us about her journey in the house and her equations with the co-contenders.

We have seen in the show, how Jasmin always got Abhinav’s back and used to say that Abhinav is closer to her after Aly, but in a recent #askjasmin session, she chose Rahul over Abhinav, so talking about the same, Jasmin said, “Abhinav is still a good friend of mine, and yes he did matter the most. But Rahul was the one who not just supported me when Aly was not there, I was feeling so low then and Rahul was always there. He would never leave my side. During a nomination episode he even fought for me, and asked Abhinav why he did not save me. That really made me realise his priorities.”

Jasmin shared a strong bond with her co-contestant Rubina Dilak, in the first leg of the show. However, during one task they had a fallout and ever since then the duo have been arch-rivals. But after Jasmin’s eviction, we saw Rubina crying for Jasmin, on which Jasmin said, “When I was inside the house I have seen her talk behind my back, whenever she got an opportunity she would always talk about me. So at that time it really looked like a drama to me because she never made an effort to sort things out between us.”

Asking on Naagin star’s take on Aly slamming Rakhi for cursing them both, she said, “Aly is someone who believes in prayers, and some what you will never hear him say things like ‘tera saath aisa ho jayega’ etc to anyone. And I got evicted soon after that so it was his reaction to that. But he will be cordial with Rakhi again, because he is not someone who holds grudges against anyone.”

At the end, asking on her life-changing experiences inside the show, “Life-changing experience would be to never trust anyone. “, the actress concluded.

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