EXCLUSIVE : Actress Sandeepa Dhar on her Bisaat, explicit content on OTT platforms and her take on doing skin show for the camera

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Sandeepa Dhar is on the ninth cloud as her new project is gaining a lot of appreciation and so Sandeepa. The nail-biting mystery story revolves around a psychiatrist Dr. Kiyana played by Sandeepa. 

So Pop Diaries spoke exclusively with the versatile actress and asked her about the preparations she did for the show and many more. Here are some excerpts from the conversation :

You are playing the role of the psychiatrist in this one, so what extra preparation you did for your role?

-Because I had no extra knowledge of any psychiatrist, so I met a lot of them. I spent time with them. I saw how they operate their work lives and how different are they in their personal life. Understanding that was too important. I studied the medical jargon. Then I discussed it with Vikram. He helped me well. I had to change the way of my talking and a lot of things. 

Why you chose Bisaat?

The script. Vikram had shared the first 3 episodes with me and I was completely blown away. And it’s like a dream role because the range of emotions the character has is amazing. Hence I had to grab it. The Thrill quotient is amazing in the series. 

Memorable moment or scene from the series?

-There was one breakdown scene in which I had to cry a lot and I didn’t use glycerine so I had to get all that emotional memories and cry. I got so consumed by the emotions and I was just crying and crying, I forgot all my dialogues there was a monologue of mine but I forgot all that and I was just crying. Vikram sir was waiting for me to take dialogues and I was just crying but luckily after some time I recollected all my dialogues and I delivered it. 

What kinda reaction you are getting?

-Amazing. What’s more surprising was men have liked it a lot, I knew women will like it because it is relatable but surprisingly men have liked it a lot. That was an unexpected thing. They called me and messaged me that they like the dynamic of my personal and professional life. A lot of them have mentioned the breakdown scene. At the end of the day, you do it for the audiences to accept and they have liked it so it’s amazing.

What’s your take on skin show? Skin show and nudity are the imperative part of web content.

-I’ve never done that. Every adult has the right to do whatever they want. I am not into nudity or explicit scenes as such. But everyone should have freedom what they want to do.

What are your limitations on skin show?

-Whatever I wear in the normal life that I will wear on the screen also. 

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