Exclusive: From Working In 3 Separate Regional Industries To Eros Now’s New Halahal Film, Popular Actor Sachin Khedekar Goes Candid!


Sachin Khedekar is a veteran actor who has experience working in three industries- Bollywood, Marathi, South Indian film industry as well. He is known for his films like Rustom, Singham, Marathi films like Kaksparsh, Aajcha Divas Majha, Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy, Muramba to name a few, and south films like Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo, Janatha Garage, and more.

The popular star will soon be seen in his upcoming film Halahal. The film will be released on the OTT platform Eros Now. The film is helmed by Randeep Jha. The trailer of the film is out and the film will be released on 21st September. Sachin Khedekar plays the lead role.

In an exclusive interview with Pop Diaries, actor Sachin Khdekar has spilled the beans about the story of the film saying it is not just a crime thriller but an emotional thriller film. He said, “Halahal is an emotional thriller. It is the father’s journey of finding out what happened to his daughter. He is extremely emotional. He had dreamed of bigger things for her all those dreams are shattered.”

In the film, his character is of a doctor who is also the father of a young daughter. He is in quest of answers to her daughter’s death. While talking about his character he said, “The most striking point or the way the role is written for me the most special thing is that it is a north Indian character. as an actor, it’s a bit high playing a doctor from a small town like Rohtak. We shot this film in UP (Uttar Pradesh) and so getting that color was the biggest attraction.”

Furthermore, he said, “A small-town fellow goes to the university town tries to fight the system, cops and all kinds of wrong people. And how the system treats him how shocked he is. It can actually happen to any character or anyone who is watching the film can realize that. It is that anyone’s life can turn upside down.”

When he was asked about his experience of working in three different industry he stated, “To me as an actor I see probably from a completely selfish point of view. For me to work in different industries is about ethics. Because every set of audience is also different. And they are catering to a particular section of people who have been fed a particular kind of genre.”

“So if we look at south film audience is used to watching full-on masala entertainers. In Hindi, it has become more money-oriented NRI audiences watch it more so it has become more and more stylish and probably more subtle and it has come out of Masala to Content. In Marathi, it is a smaller audience but they are very strong content,” he added.

The actor also expressed his opinion on how OTT platforms are helping the regional film industry and content. He believes that “everybody has found space on digital platforms. The Indian audience actually has a lot on their palette. The audience is also now matured in terms of their taste. Because they are seeing world content, more realism they have seen real stories. The web is the only platform where you can be creative and justify the content completely.”

On asking what audience should expect from Halahal he said, “Audience should expect emotional thriller from Halahal They would probably see themselves in these films and how the system tries to manipulate you. How you should stand on your own. How you should fight for your emotional value. I’m sure people will like the thriller element. That once they start watching it they will not be able to stop until they watch the end.”

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