Explained: Is Ryan Gosling Officially Cast as Ghost Rider in the MCU?

Ryan Gosling is rumored to play Ghost Rider in the MCU, but there's no official confirmation. Despite fan speculation, Marvel hasn't announced any such project or casting.

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There have been rumors for a while about Ryan Gosling being cast as Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The actor, who recently featured in the blockbuster Barbie as Ken, is one of the hot topics in Hollywood currently. But are these rumors about casting Gosling as Ghost Rider true?


Online talks say it will be Gosling playing the iconic role of Marvel’s Ghost Rider. This rumor may have started from a post by @rejectedscooper on X (formerly Twitter) that says “Ryan Gosling will portray Ghost Rider in the MCU.”

Still @HolyfieldM5 added fuel to the flame saying, “Johnny Blaze will make his debut in GHOST RIDER & THE MIDNIGHT SONS film , he will also be lead of the project. Played by a very popular actor.”

Despite this claim though there has never been an official word on any forthcoming Ghost Rider movie or miniseries starring him. It is clearly stated by Marvel Updates on X that “Ryan Gosling has not been 'officially cast' as Ghost Rider. Any official announcement would come directly from Marvel and no such announcement has been made.”


Gosling admitted he’d love to play Ghost Rider in a 2022 interview leading to these speculations but currently there’s no solid proof supporting these casting allegations.

In case all this was true then Gosling would not be the first person to bring ghost rider into life under marvel cinematic universe (mcu). Gabriel Luna portrayed Robbie Reyes, another version of fiery antihero from its fourth season Agents of SHIELD. Luna’s take was well received and his hell charger was unforgettable too.

The exact place Agents of SHIELD holds within MCU continuity is disputed.While some fans and even some of the Marvel guide books consider it non-canon others argue that it fits into the broader MCU narrative.Marvel Studios has not given a definitive statement but it did integrate Netflix’s Marvel series such as Daredevil, into the MCU.


Gosling’s name has been connected with different Marvel roles over the years. Other than Ghost Rider, he was said to be eyed for Sentry who is set to appear in 2025 film Thunderbolts and will be portrayed by Lewis Pullman. Also during casting fervor for mcu’s fantastic four, Gosling was one of fans’ favorite choices for characters like Reed Richards or Johnny Storm.

Even if it is fun to speculate this way, Marvel would put out an official voice behind anything on this matter. Therefore, until then we are only hearing rumors. Nevertheless should Gosling ever enter the MCU, he would certainly bring his own unique style and ability to bear upon any character that he was cast as there in.

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