Exclusive: Junaid Khan on his experience while shooting Maharaj

Malhotra P. Siddharth directed ' Maharaj ' starring Sharvari Wagh, Shalini Pandey, Jaideep Ahlawat, Junaid Khan has been making waves recently.

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Malhotra P. Siddharth directed ' Maharaj ' starring Sharvari Wagh, Shalini Pandey, Jaideep Ahlawat, Junaid Khan has been making waves recently. The film was realeased on June 18 on Netflix. We had an exclusive opportunity to have a conversation with one of the cast member of Maharaj, Junaid Khan who recently had his debut in the industry with this film.


What were the things that made you say yes to this project ?

I really liked the story. I liked Subhash sir's previous work.  And Ganesh Raj is one of the biggest studios in the country today, probably.  And I felt that this sensitive topic, that's why Siddharth sir would handle it with care and handle it with sensitivity. He is a very sensitive person.

What aspects of your character in "Maharaj" do you personally resonate with, and why?


I think some aspects. I mean, that's true about all characters. You find something within you very easily and sometimes you have to search for a little bit. Some things you have to find and work on and get.

Periodical films are never easy, and still you managed to get into the character so effortlessly, how did you prepare for it; was it just director's vision or some extra additions from your end as well?

I think, like we know very little about Karsan Das, Moolji as a person. There's not so much information available about his personality, right? But his writings are all in the public domain. So, he wrote a lot. And I think, Ritu bhai and Sneha did a fantastic job creating this character based on his writings. Creating personality based on his writings. And Sneha was with us through the entire rehearsal process as well. She's a fantastic actor herself.  We spent about a year rehearsing. With Siddhartha sir and Sneha. Finding the character, building on the character, the dialect. Crafting the scenes with the other actors as well. I think it was, I think a lot of that credit actually goes to Siddhartha and Sneha.


 What was your initial reaction to the final cut of "Maharaj," and how do you feel about the audience's reception so far?

 I think, by and large, a lot of people are liking it as well which is very heartwarming. It's very flattering. 

 It’s difficult to know the honest reactions when your project releases on OTT platform and we can’t define the success parameter of the project, so as an actor what would you prefer more Ott or theatrical release in the future?


I think, as an actor, I would prefer my film to be free on YouTube for everybody to see. As an actor, the more people who see it, the better.  I've gotten lots of calls and lots of texts from people who've seen the film. Some people I've not spoken to or met in many years. So, a lot of industry people, a lot of directors, technicians, actors, even. I don't really have so much of an opinion on the distribution of the film. As long as it gets to the widest possible.

Now that you have done a periodical film and it has worked so well for you but what does JUNAID KHAN want to explore in near future, like which specific genre you want to work in?

I don't think there's a genre specific. I want to do good stories. I think a good story is a good story. I enjoy all kinds of good stories in all kinds of genres. I would love to be a part of them with, like, people who I enjoy working with. People who I trust to do justice to the story.


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