Beauty Queens set to reign hearts: Mrs India International Queen 2024 gave wings to women

Mrs India International Queen redefined the concept of beauty pageants on 8th June, 2024. The lavish Leela Ambience Convention Hotel in New Delhi had the honour of hosting the Biggest event of the year.

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New Delhi : Mrs India International Queen redefined the concept of beauty pageants on 8th June, 2024. The lavish Leela Ambience Convention Hotel in New Delhi had the honour of hosting the Biggest event of the year, Mrs India International Queen 2024 graced by Bollywood Star Mahima Chaudhry. Organised under the esteemed guidance of Mrs. Ankita Saroha and other eminent individuals, the event was a massive hit, and witnessed the confluence of multiple married women subverting all the pre-conceived notion of beauty and strength.



Mrs India International Queen encourages participants to embrace their individuality and inspire others through their achievements. Each contestant at MIIQ is judged on their personality, poise, and their ability to make a difference in their communities and not on just the physical beauty.

“Queens are talented in a multitude of ways, honouring their femininity while being strong and talented is what Mrs. Saroha firmly asserts, highlighting the power and endurance of a married woman, she has tirelessly worked to recognise the accomplishments of married women.


In interviews held during, and after, the event, Ankita Saroha said “Women are the backbone of a society. She is managing the whims and fancies of every single family member with utmost dedication. I believe women must be embraced and celebrated for their contributions. So, the team, including myself, have tried our best to make this event a success. While it can get exhausting, the love always overpowers the struggles”

Further, Mrs. Saroha articulated her life’s journey and how every woman deserves to be embraced and nurtured in the same fashion as when she won the prestigious title of Winner of Mrs India 2017 and the Mrs. International 2018 3rd Runner Up. She firmly believes that women possess the special ability to uplift anyone.  Furthermore, she talks about the sacrifices that women gracefully endure and claims that society is indebted to women, and thus they deserve to receive a platform to display their beauty, talent and grace, and receive admiration and appreciation in return.

The event presented prominent personalities as the judges, and this team consisted of credible names such as Ankita Saroha herself, who is the Director of MIIQ, Mahima Chaudhry, reputable Actress and Model, Dr. Jyotsana Chadha, Winner of MIIQ 2021, Mrs. Sharmistha Das Dey, Winner of Classic MIIQ 2021, Mrs. Sonali Sherry, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Mrs. Pallavi Zadkar Tandon, Winner of MIIQ 2022, and Mrs. Parul Sharma, Winner of Classic MIIQ 2022.


The judges, after much deliberation, announced the winners of Mrs India International Queen 2024. All the winners of MIIQ 2024 were crowned and awarded by Mahima Chaudhry and Ankita Saroha.

Mrs. Radha Rai from Varanasi is the winner of Mrs India International Queen 2024 along with the prize money of Rs 1 Lac. Mrs India International Queen 2024 1st Runner Up won by Mrs. Mahak Dhingra from Delhi with the prize money of Rs 50000, and Mrs India International Queen 2024 2nd Runner Up won by Mrs. Lavanya Kannepalli with the prize money of Rs 25000.

Moreover, Mrs. Shruti Dubey from USA is the Winner of Classic Mrs India International Queen 2024 with the prize money Rs 1 Lac. The Classic Mrs India International Queen 2024 1st Runner Up won by Dr. Neelam Singh from the UK with the prize money of Rs 50000, and the Classic Mrs India International Queen 2nd Runner Up won by Mrs. Nupur Sood from New Delhi with the prize money of Rs 25000.


Also, the event also saw a lot of subtitle winners that included Mrs India Fascinating won By Dr. Nisha Maddheshiya, Mrs India Generous won By Mrs. Madhumita Ray, Mrs India Amicable won By Mrs. Dipika Singh, Mrs India Popularity Queen and Mrs India Perfectionist won By Mrs. Radha Rai, Mrs India Chivalrous won By Dr. Savitha Prakash, Mrs India Tenacious won By Mrs. Rajinder Pal Kaur, Mrs India Dynamic won By Mrs. Sheena V Kunnuth, Mrs India Dazzling won By Mrs. Vinita Rathore, Mrs India Spectacular won By Mrs. Nupur Sood, Mrs India Stylish won By Mrs. Shikha Sharma, Mrs India Inspiring won By Mrs. Akula Suseela, Mrs India Idealistic won By Mrs. Deepthi Rao Malpally, Mrs India Gorgeous won By Mrs. Shruti Dubey, Mrs India Most Encouraging won By Dr. Rekha R Sagar, Mrs India Shining Star won By Mrs. Nirupama Bhatia, Mrs India Talented won By Mrs. Sunita Malhotra, Mrs India Glamorous won By Mrs. Manjula Sharma, Mrs India Adorable won By Mrs. Margie Parekh, Mrs India Congeniality won By Dr. Snehaprabha T V, Mrs India Elegant won By Dr. Durlabhesh Rawat, Mrs India Courageous won By Mrs. Dipti Parekh, Mrs India Vivacious won By Mrs. Debarati Das Mukherjee, Mrs India Sparkling and Mrs India Best Ramp Walk won By Mrs. Parvathy Raveendran, Mrs India Stunning won By Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur, Mrs India Compassionate won By Mrs. Sunita Dublish, Mrs India Sensational won By Mrs. Yepsita Sarkar, Mrs India Benevolent won By Mrs. Soumaya Srivastava, Mrs India Renaissance won By Mrs. Tulasi Veeram Shetty, Mrs India Ravishing won By Mrs. Pragya Singh, Mrs India Endearing won By Mrs. Sangeeta Gupta, Mrs India Beguiling won By Mrs. Shrimali Kavita, Mrs India Intelligent won By Dr. Madhu Gandhi, Mrs India Charismatic won By Dr. Neelam Singh, Mrs India Goodness Ambassador won By Dr. Anuradha Joshi, Mrs India Fabolous won By Mrs. Shweta Mehra, Mrs India Diligent won By Mrs. Ritu Gattani, Mrs India Exquisite won By Mrs. Lavanya Kannepalli, Mrs India Impressive won By Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur, Mrs India Graceful won By Dr. Pranita Srinivas, Mrs India Brilliant won By Mrs. Mahak Dhingra, Mrs India Alluring won By Mrs. Rashmi Deshwal, and Mrs India Charming won By Mrs. Anju Verma.

The network of organisers involved influential names such as the host and emcee, Mr. Debojyoti Dasgupta, self defence trainer Mr. Pradeep Negi, official celebrity fashion photographer Mr. Vipin Gaur, the official photography and videography was by Portraits by Vedant, and the team management was under Keshav Sharma. Furthermore, the official makeup sponsor was Orane International janakpuri, the official media partner was Khabar Fast News Channel, the official event management partner was Matrix Entertainment, the beauty and wellness sessions were headed by Dr. Soni Nanda, Dermatologist and Aesthetician from Ojas Skin Care Clinic Noida, Delhi, and motivational sessions were taken by Dr. Anuradha Joshi.

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