‘Archies album was particularly special for me!’: Aditi Saigal aka DOT. on topping the Indian music charts with her singing

Aditi Saigal, aka Dot., conquers Indian entertainment music charts with Archies album! The actor-artiste's singing, writing, and composing skills receive unanimous acclaim, making her debut project a cherished milestone in her musical journey.

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Aditi Saigal aka Dot. debuted in the Hindi film industry with Zoya Akhtar’s Archies as an actor-artiste, considered as a rare breed in Indian entertainment. While she got a love of love for playing Ethel in the musical, Dot. has also got unanimous acclaim for her singing, writing & music composing skills! This outpouring of love has resulted in Dot topping the Indian music charts with her Archies’ songs!


She has written and sung all four Dear Diary themes picturised on Khushi Kapoor, as well as lent her voice to the character of Betty (Khushi), singing and composing the song 'Asymmetrical'! She has also sung the other two chartbusters ‘Dhishoom Dhishoom’ and ‘Sunoh’. These two songs are among the top-listened songs in India across all music platforms. ALSO READ: Popular and Critically Acclaimed Indian Web Series of 2023!

Dot. says, “I'm thrilled with the overwhelming love The Archies' music is receiving from listeners. Music is a big part of my identity since I was a songwriter long before I ventured into the film industry. The Archies allowed me to express myself both through music and acting, so naturally it will always be my most cherished project!”

She adds, “This album was particularly special for me because I got to work with industry pioneers like Zoya, Javed Akhtar, SEL and Ankur Tewari, as well as indie musicians Tejas and The Islanders. I'm elated that Sunoh ranks among the most-listened songs of 2023! Sunoh held a special place for all of us as it was the first song we drafted and shot. Seeing it come to life on screen and resonate with so many people has been truly heartening!" 


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Dot. admits that writing songs for films is a hugely different creative process which she has enjoyed thoroughly! 

She says, “Writing for the screen is a vastly different experience from composing in my bedroom or college practice rooms! It's a highly collaborative process where the primary focus is on the narrative. Such opportunities don't come by every day, you know? There was a creative energy that flowed between us, though we all come from different musical backgrounds.”





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