Enola Holmes Movie Review – A golden opportunity gone wasted and mowed by weak script


The trailer of Enola Holmes released by Netflix turned out to be catchy and looked like a fast-paced mystery action drama. However, after watching the movie, it seems Enola Holmes has missed the mark.

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On her 16th birthday, Enola (spelled “Alone” backwards) finds a surprise gift – her only friend in the entire – her mother had left the house. Enola is devastated while situation gets worst when her brothers, Mycroft and Sherlock, comes back to their countryside home and find their little sister in a messed up situation. While Sherlock is casual, Mycroft immediately calls the head mistress of a boarding school and get Enola trained to become an obedient and well-manned lady.

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Enola finds this decision of Mycroft as forceful and decides to run away from the house. On her journey to search for her mother, Enola finds Marquess, who himself runs away from filthy rich family as they want him to join army like his uncle. However, there has been a hitman hired to kill Marquess which creates curiosity in Enola to solve the case and find out why someone wants Marquess to be dead.

Directed by Harry Bradbeer and based on the novel “The Enola Homes Mystery Book“, Enola Holmes begins on a promising note as the adventure begins right from the train journey where Enola meets Marquess and when Enola involves in getting the case solved while her search for her mother keeps running in parallel. Few action scenes choreographed including the train chase, the fight between Enola and the hitman at the Limehouse, Enola meeting Edith in London are well executed.

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Unfortunately, Enola Holmes suffers from the half-baked screenplay as the film’s pace trends downwards with lot of loopholes. On top of it poor editing towards the second half spoils the mood of the film. There is a scene where Marquess helps Enola escape from the headmistress room in the boarding school which seems so easily done. Sherlock Holmes movies and even web-series boast off some mind-twisting climax. However, the climax scene presented in Enola Holmes was not thrilling at all.

Technically, Enola Holmes looks beautiful on screen with 1880’s era picture of London is well-depicted thanks to the fantastic art direction, cinematography and good CGI.

Enola Holmes belongs to Millie Bobby Brown. Though her expressions are same throughout the film, she carries the film with a good performance and does well in the action scenes. We are so much used to seeing Robert Downey jr and Bennedict Cumberbatch in the Sherlock Holmes roles that it is difficult to digest any other actor. However, Henry Cavill does create a strong impression even though he is not the central character film. The other actor which I liked was Susan Wokoma as Edith and Louis Patridge as Marquess. Helena Bonham Carterm as usual was superb.

So, overall, Enola Holmes carried mammoth expectations from its trailer which got salvaged by weak script and poor direction. Watch it if you like a decent period mystery action thriller. Average 2.5/5

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