Easy Ways to Motivate and inspire yourself when Feeling Low

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There are times when we all feel low and have an out-of-the-body experience. At these times we lack motivation to do anything or carry out any kind of work. It is extremely normal for a person to feel this way, but this shouldn’t become a problem for us and come in between of our work. In order to feel free and inspired again, I bring you all five ways or methods you can try to return back to your element!

1) Make a to-do list

Jotting down the things you wish to accomplish in a day will really help you. This way you create an order for yourself and will help you have a sense of control over yourself. Each night before sleeping, I make a to-do list for myself for the next day. You can cross out the tasks you’ve written once you finish them at the end of the day.

2) Reward System

When we were kids, our parents and teachers used to motivate us by rewarding us whenever we used to complete a task. Be it in the form of little appreciation or a sweet remark on our books. Similarly, you ca motivate yourself with a reward at the end of each task you finish. You might treat yourself to a cheesy pizza or take a 2-hour nap! Whatever suits you!

3) Light exercise or Yoga

A peaceful and mindful time with yourself will greatly help you in times of inner chaos. Light exercise or Yoga or meditation has helped many. Add this to your daily routine only for 15-20 minutes and you’ll see a change in yourself only in a few days.

4) Find things you truly enjoy

If you don’t feel like working, you should explore your creative areas and amke your busy in it. Write songs, draw, paint, dance or cook. Activities you like doing will help you lift up your mood drastically and it will make you even more productive.

5) Take a small step

not push yourself to the limits. You are your most vulnerable self in such times. So to move forward, take small steps towards it. You can make it work slowly and at your own time. Achieve small goals to accomplish the bigger ones!

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