Dulquer Salmaan And Gregory Presents ‘Maniyarayile Ashokan’: Movie Review

Maniyaraile Ashokan- Movie review
Dulquer Salmaan And Gregory Presents ‘Maniyarayile Ashokan’: Movie Review
Dulquer Salmaan And Gregory Presents ‘Maniyarayile Ashokan’: Movie Review

It feels very good that how South Indian movies never fails to follow their culture through their movies. Especially Malayalam industry, everytime they defines their culture so well. In Maniyarayile Ashokan, you’ll see if there is any major problem for a person in his/her marriage they’ve to first get married to a plant/tree! A feel-good movie.

In a small beautiful village, Ashokan dreaming of his after marriage days, who is the only one in his friend’s circle not married yet. Firstly, he gets rejected from a known girl because of she says he’s dark, not so handsome and has a short height. Where he totally breaks down but then she only motivates him up, then where a girl enters loving him in his life. Ashokan thinks of finally getting happily married but he finds out he’s quite unlucky to get married due to his problematic horoscope. It is said that if you have an unlucky horoscope of getting married then you’ve to marry a plant/tree first which is quite common in our marriage market. As we have also seen people getting married to animals, where your all problems will vanished and then you can happily get married! Ashokan does the same by getting married to a banana plant in his garden. At the end friend’s taking care of those saplings is very heartening! Then, will Ashokan get married due to his problematic horoscope? Will he find a girl who has no problem with his complexion and height?



Direction by Shamzu Zayba did quite a good job with his directorial debut! Screenplay was fully engaging, reliable, not so lengthy, short and beautiful. My god the Cinematographer did such a wonderful job, captured every scene so well, that slow-motions with that edited went too good! Before movie release only the songs were hyping the audience, haha! Background music also simple and best.

Coming to the acting, Gregory’s first movie in a lead role. It’s a bit hard to take up the whole movie on your shoulders after giving so many side characters. But no where it felt like it’s his first as a lead, Gregory took up very well.

Though it was a cameo for Dulquer, we can considered it has a main role in Ashokan’s life. It is soo good to see how south stars support their co-actor, not co-actors but they’re brothers/friends to each other. They never miss a chance to support each other, as Dulquer not only did a cameo but also produced this film with Gregory.

Shine tom as Ashokan’s friend is always best at his place, represents any role very well and also krisna, took up amazingly. Anupama Parameswaran was a beauty of the film also other surprising cameos. Who all amazed the audience with their shocking entry!

Watch the film and get to know who all amazed with their entries, as it has much twists in between! Mostly malayalam movie lovers, it will astonish them at the climax.



Overall Maniyarayile Ashokan is a feel-good, simple and fun, friendly love, beautiful fresh family movie. Quite sure that your parents will love it and this generation will also learn some cultural aspects to follow.

It’s streaming on Netflix! Which is already trending at no. 1 from the Indian Films, but not only in india. It is also trending no. 1 movies in the UAE.

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