‘Drishyam 2’ Malayalam Movie Review: Mohanlal Starrer Equally Stands Out As Drishyam

‘Drishyam 2’ Malayalam Movie Review: Mohanlal Starrer Equally Stands Out As Drishyam

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‘Drishyam’ is a film which was released long back in 2013 and now it is back after 7 years with its sequel, directed and cast by the same. ‘Drishyam 2’ will win that mark of expectations? Is it as good as its first part?, which broke records not only in Kerala but also around other languages. Let’s find out.


From the initial itself, our journey starts with a great visual treat. The film starts with where it felt like us back then, Mohanlal coming out from a construction site with a shovel in hand but his fate had other plans. When we think it has happened with no see but a guy at midnight sees a glimpse of the same, who is a criminal and killed his own brother-in-law and he was running in escape but in few 30 mins he gets caught and goes to jail. Now, six years later, it is not the same Georgekutty now runs a theatre, not on cycle roams in a car, and wants to produce a film that is in his mind. Anju and his wife live in the same fear, the tragedy happened years back and Anju is now suffering from epilepsy. Georgekutty tries to hold his secret tightly but there’s this I.G. who is still after years investigating his case, will Georgekutty lose and I.G. wins? At least now, will the cops finally find Varun’s body or not? What actually happens is the question?

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It’s in no way easier to bring out the sequel as powerful as its first part, director Jeetu Joseph has proved it, the continuation of the story with the same star-cast coming back after 7 years was worth awaiting and perfectly resumption. From Jeetu’s drishyam (sight) it is an epic crime thriller Drishyam series, can say he has an incredible sight of thinking to a major extends which we never expect to happen in our Indian films. The cinematography by Satheesh Kurup was good and satisfying, the first half was beautifully captured when George and his family are having a good time, it was also making us know that it is shot in the period of lockdown and his frames for Mohanlal is epic, who will believe this superstar is 60 years old? Editing by VS Vinayak was ok. Background score by Anil Johnson was terrifying when shocking revelations were made, especially at the climax.

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Plus-point was, the film had the same cast otherwise in other films they always change with its first part and we go disappointed but Drishyam 2 didn’t do that. There were actors added to the cast, but the same actors have perfectly taken their roles as before. What to say about Mohanlal (as Georgekutty), he is as good as always. The man didn’t speak much but showed his intelligence just through actions. Firstly, he makes us think that he is not the same as before who was a cinema addict and who executes in real-life. But yes, he proves us wrong all because of the well-written script plus Mohanlal’s performance made a hit, who has once again stand out to be an iconic character (Georgekutty) of Indian cinema.

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Meena (as Rani) Georgekutty’s wife is well as the real mums are, her fear for the family is what every mother goes through especially in such situations after doing an unexpected crime, Meena is an expression queen well-played. Ansiba (as Anju) was way awesome than its first part especially when she gets fits suddenly in between. Esther Anil (as Anu) is a grown-up child now, close to a boy from her college but does not have the confidence to talk about him to her family. The boy’s background is later known to the audience but the makers do not take it ahead, leaving the audience to wonder what happened. Asha Sharath (as ex-I.G. officer Geetha Prabhakar) was the same stunning as its second part. Murali as I.G. Thomas did well with his role. Siddique (as Prabhakar), Narayan Nair (as Sulaiman) were up-right. Additional to the cast like Sai Kumar, Anjali Nair, Krishna Prabhas, etc were great in their roles. And the villagers who no longer support and believe in Georgekutty were accurate as every village as its gossipers.

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If you’ve watched its first part then you know how gripping and thrilling it was, can trust this second part and it’s in no way lesser than its first part. When slowly the revelations are made then vanished it will blow your mind, actually it’s every part is satisfying and thrill. Watch it on Amazon Prime Video now with subtitles before it is remade, as this hit-maker got four languages of a remake.

Overall, Drishyam 2 is a film produced by Antony Perumbavoor through the company Aashirvad Cinemas, with 153 minutes of running time including perfect suspenseful, strong performances, unexpected twists, and turns, etc and with a great ending! – 3.9/5.

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