Disha Salian’s Parents Rubbishes Politicians Claims, Takes A Dig At Media For Defaming Their Daughter; Shows Faith In Mumbai Police & Urges To Finish Investigation Soon


Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex-manager Disha Salian died by suicide after allegedly jumping off from her building on June 8. In an interview, Disha Salian’s parents, mother Vasanti Salian and father Satish Salian expressed about their daughter’s death and how her reputation has been tarnished. Next week Sushant also reportedly committed suicide on June 14 therefore Disha’s death is being linked to Sushant’s death as both died by suicide within a week.

Many speculations have cropped up in the recent past pertaining to Disha Salian and Sushant Singh Rajput’s case her parents has asked media not to defame her. They said, “Please don’t defame our daughter and take mileage (meri beti ko badnam Kar ke apna fayda mat uthayi) do not play with her. She was our only child, we lost our only daughter, now they have tarnished her image badly and now after her death, they are after us. They want to kill us by harassing us like this.”

Disha was 28 years old when she died. Now social media is full of conspiracy theories and diverse stories. The issue has been politicized by the politicians by claiming that Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Salian case have links. However, Mumbai police have always been firm and stated there is no link between both cases at all.

Vasanti Salian said, “First, I would request people of India, all in media, social media, YouTube, and all others, everything is false. All theories and stories are fake and just rumors. I lost my only child but now all these media people social media people will murder us. Therefore I request you to stop all this. I request the Supreme Court to stop all this, we are badly suffering because of this. Now we don’t have any strength to listen to all these fake news against our daughter.”

Vasanti Salian speaking about the politicians’ theories of rape and murder said, “All this is false. Statements in this case are taken twice. Malvani police (where Disha Salian case is being investigated) has all documents on record. We have seen post mortem report. Mumbai police are doing their job properly and therefore we trust Mumbai police. We were quiet earlier but all these in media defaming our daughter we just can’t take it anymore. Therefore I request people to understand what is the truth.”

While talking about the Mumbai Police investigation She said, “Yes we saw the whole investigations, we checked all the documents. They have all the proof. But these people politicians are coming in between. They are delaying justice to our daughter. I request the Mumbai police to finish their investigation soon.”

Father Satish Salian said, “As media has freedom of speech, we also have right of privacy, do not interfere in our life, please. I request you all, please. Police have explained to me. They showed whole case evidence, post mortem report. My daughter was never pregnant, she never got pregnant. Rape never happened, organs are clear.”

Satish Salian final lines to us, “Please I request don’t believe in such rumors do not spread such rumors. For your benefit, do not use my daughter and defame her. From politicians, media and people I request please don’t do this to our daughter. Do not play with her.”

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