Did You Know These Facts About Musical Sensation ‘AR RAHMAN’? Read on to know

Did You Know These Facts About Musical Sensation ‘AR RAHMAN’? Read on to know

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6th January marking the maestro AR Rahman’s birthday, meanwhile wishes pouring in for musical sensation we got to know some interesting facts about him.

While Rahman hasn’t been a part of the Sandalwood Industry at all for composing some songs for its language films, but the interesting fact is that Mozart Of Madras was initially part of the Kannada Industry. Are you thinking, how? He began his career as a keyboard player and has been a part of the Kannada film industry in the late 1980s before he began his career as a solo music composer in the 1990s.

In a contribution to the industry, he did in the form of his keyboards by making the soundtrack of the memorable film Dance Raja Dance and he assisted legendary music composer Vijaya Bhaskar on the keyboards for the film. From which, the songs are even famous till date.

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The other known fact is that how much the composer is close to his mother Kareema Bhegum and she is the one who found out the magic of music in her son. Also said to take it as a full-time job career and he had mentioned that because of that he had to drop out of Class 11.

And one more to must know is, the makers of his first musical album given to the film Roja said to switch his original name Dileep to AR Rahman there when his mother was the one who insisted him to got with it. He had said that it has been very tough to change because everything related to the movie was completed and it was all set to release, but his mother was very particular that they use AR Rahman in the credits. She even said that if they could not do it, they could as well drop his name from the credits, he had recalled.

It is less seen how everything gets because of your parents mainly the support that makes you known for good that you created around the world. And Kareema Bhegum was the one who found out the talent of AR Rahman which we would never witness and enjoy throughout our lives. As he initially wanted to pursue his career in electrical engineering.

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