Depression can affect anyone


Depression can affect anyone, even celebrities though they take precautionary measures to avoid it. It is also called as Major depressive disorder (MDD). Although, people who take them as their role models may not know that they are affected by depression at some point of time in their lives. Just like normal people, even celebrities also don’t want to talk about their experience with depression. Here take a look at the Celebrities who shared their encounters with depression and how they managed it.

Katy Perry

In a 96-hour live stream on youtube, she spoke about her experiences with depression. The main reason she was affected by depression is due to her album “WITNESS” is criticized by critics and failed to impress her fans. She thought of committing suicide after her album has failed, but instead of doing that she came back with the song “By the Grace of God” during her bout with this mental health condition. The reason why she opened up about her depression during a 96-hour live stream on youtube, is just because she wanted her fans to see her true self.

Dwayne Johnson

He is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, and he shared how he was affected by depression in his teenage. He thought of doing nothing and don’t want to go anywhere during his depression phase. He suffered a lot and he can still remember those painful moments and there’s nothing he can do at that time except crying constantly. He expressed his views to Express, a British newspaper “people should not feel shy to reveal their condition about depression and that will separate you from other guys if you open up about the depression and find ways to take treatment for your problem”.

Jim Carrey

Actor Jim Carrey shared his struggles with depression and in order to ease the symptoms of this mental health condition, he used to take antidepressant drugs. After using the antidepressants for some time, he found hope that he can deal with this problem and after that, he stopped taking antidepressants.

Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady is a Comedian and he knows how to make people laugh, but he doesn’t know how to cope with depression and he struggled with the symptoms of depression without telling to anyone. He hid the depression for several years and described his personal battles with this mental health condition to an English News Paper.

The way he dealt with depression will motivate others to open up about their depression problem. He said he found hope after helping other people who are suffering from depression and Brady motivated people to talk freely regarding how they are fighting with depression. Wayne Brady strongly believes that if people can figure out why they diagnosed with depression will open the doors for the treatment for this problem and people can follow various ways to reduce the severeness of the problem with the help of their physician.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow suffered from Postpartum Depression after giving birth to her second child, Moses. She even reduced her film workload and concentrated on her depression problem. She found hope from their housekeeping staff and they take good care of me all the time and they responded well to my needs. She told that her physician recommended therapies and workouts to cope with her postpartum depression.

Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell opened up about her depression experiences in her Motto essay. She wrote in the essay that she wasn’t aware of depression and finally she found hope in her mom. My mother is the one who took good care of me while I’m suffering from depression. I regained my strength and its not easy for me as well as for her to save me from depression. She encouraged the public to seek treatment options for people who are suffering from depression and anxiety.

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