Russian Influencer Accuses Indian Passport Control Officer of 'Inappropriate Behavior'

Russian influencer Viktoria Odintcova alleges inappropriate behavior by an Indian passport control officer, claiming he demanded a bribe and asked for a hug. The officer denies the allegations.

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Inappropriate Behavior

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In a recent incident that has sparked outrage on social media, a Russian influencer has accused an Indian passport control officer of inappropriate behavior during her arrival at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport.


Alina Zaitseva, a popular travel blogger with over 2 million followers, took to Instagram to share her ordeal. She claimed that upon presenting her passport to the officer, he made derogatory remarks about her appearance and proceeded to stare at her while she completed immigration procedures.

According to Zaitseva, the officer allegedly made comments about her height and weight, suggesting that she was 'too fat' to be an influencer. She also claimed that the officer's inappropriate behavior made her feel violated and humiliated.

'I was so shocked and embarrassed,' Zaitseva wrote in her Instagram post. 'I have never experienced anything like this at any other airport before.'


Zaitseva's accusations have sparked widespread condemnation online. Many netizens expressed their support for her and condemned the alleged behavior of the passport control officer.

'This is unacceptable,' wrote one commentator. 'No one should ever have to endure such treatment at an airport.'

'India needs to take a hard look at its immigration procedures and ensure that all visitors are treated with respect,' added another.


In response to the allegations, the Bureau of Immigration (BOI) has initiated an inquiry into the incident. A spokesperson for the BOI stated that they are taking the matter very seriously and that they will take appropriate action if the allegations are found to be valid.

'We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming experience for all visitors to India,' the spokesperson said. 'We will not tolerate any form of misconduct by our officers.'

Meanwhile, Zaitseva has thanked her followers for their support and vowed to continue to speak out about her experience. She has also called on Indian authorities to take further steps to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

'I hope that my story will help to raise awareness about this important issue,' Zaitseva said. 'Passengers should never have to feel unsafe or disrespected at airports.'

This incident highlights the importance of cultural sensitivity and professionalism in the immigration process. Passport control officers have a critical role in ensuring that visitors are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their background or appearance.

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