Deepika Padukone’s Sister Anisha Opens Up Like Never Before About The Former’s Depression!


Depression is a grave issue that even today we’re not fully aware off, but following Bollywood’s Queen Deepika Padukone‘s confession of going through depression and yet, coming out as a fighter. Well, things have changed, people even in normal families are trying to grasp this issue and trying to find ways to fight it effectively.

One of the foundations that has garnered a lot of attention in fighting Depression is Deepika’s very own organisation The Live Love Laugh Foundation (TLLLF). After opening up about her own experiences, the ‘Padmaavat‘ actor put up an interesting post about the ailment through The Live Love Laugh Foundation on her Instagram page.

Well, in a recent interview about the same, Deepika’s sister Anisha Padukone opens up like never before about former’s depression, her fight against it with the help and love from family!

When asked if Deepika’s status as a celebrity helped in bringing forth a much more flexible conversation about mental health in India.

She said, “Absolutely. In her role as a global social influencer, she felt it was critical to share her story and thereby contribute to sparking (and sustaining) conversations on this key topic. She subsequently founded TLLLF (The Live Love Laugh Foundation) to further the cause of mental health. Almost every week I hear from individuals directly or through the Foundation that Deepika’s story inspired them to share their own and eventually seek help. As a family, it is a gratifying feeling to know that indirectly you are helping save lives.”

On being Deepika Padukone’s help and support throughout the whole fight with depression. Anisha replied, “Honestly, it was difficult for me as I had very little idea about mental illness and the role of a caregiver. Coping with mental illness affects both the individuals and members of their immediate family. There was not much information available where I could learn and equip myself to be of help. There were times when I felt helpless. Fortunately for us, my mother noticed something was wrong. We then approached a counsellor who is also a very close family friend and things worked out.”

Well, Deepika Padukone definitely has a lot of courage and strength, she is goals to each and every human being and for all the right reasons!

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