Dasara Special – Samantha Took Over The Show As Host, Divi Gets Eliminated : Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Dasara Special - Samantha Took Over The Show As Host, Divi Gets Eliminated : Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Highlights

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Day 49, the seventh weekend episode. As usual Nagarjuna makes entry but not like before on to the stage with a song, this time he appears on a video call then calls Samantha on to the stage as a temporary host. Then Nagarjuna says to the contestants that Samantha will host you guys and introduce to them. Housemates were so happy to see her! Calling ‘Mama TV’ as she calls her father-in-law Mama.

The game starts with saying two words for each girl by the host then boys themselves have to say 2 strengths and two weaknesses about them. Sunday Funday first task is Swayambharam, Lasya being matchmaker, Amma Rajashekar girls’ father and Noel is a big man (experienced one). First round is boys have to impress girls and girls chooses most impressed boy was Akhil. So gets a chance to see a family message video on the screen, then he chooses Monal to see her family video then comes Noel. Ariyana is the first contestant to be saved.

Singers Geetha Madhuri, Manisha Eerabathini and Ravuri Sravana Bhargavi, these sweeties singing women related songs. Second round is that the host will ask questions related girls and if boys knows the answer then have to ring the bell and say the answer. Then Sohel and Amma Rajashekar gets a chance to see their family videos. Actor Akhil Akkineni makes a guest appearance, as his upcoming film’s teaser got released titled as ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’.

Fourth round is to girls choose one boy to dance with they are Harika-Avinash, Abijeet-Divi, Akhil-Monal and Mehaboob-Ariyana. Akhil Akkineni chose top two jodis are Mehaboob-Ariyana and Akhil-Monal. Then Mehaboob, Ariyana gets a chance to watch their videos, then Ariyana chooses Avinash to watch his family video. Next Monal is saved from eliminations.

Actress Payal Rajput makes a beautiful appearance with a special performance on the stage. Next Abijeet is been saved. Comedian ‘Hyper Adi’ makes entry as a detective, will say the situation happens in between the contestants what’s the reason behind it? Was all fun to see!

Next Noel is safe. Actor Kartikeya also makes a special performance on the stage, which definitely was on fire! Now it’s time for the eliminations, from Avinash and Divi, Divi is Eliminated from the house. Karthikeya brings her on to the stage, Divi says a goodbye to her housemates and signing off!

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