Distinctive Comparison: Here’s How Mera Naam Joker Of Raj Kapoor And Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Highlighted “Clown” We All Loved Yet Of Different Genres


From our childhood, we read and hear about the stories of the circus. Many of us would have visited one and have experienced it. Circus- an event that takes place in huge tents gives people a wonderful experience with a broad smile on the face to take back home when the show ends. In the event various performances take place, artists showcase their talent that entertains us start to end however the most important artist and character are of the “Joker.”

Joker or a clown takes immense efforts to make us laugh through their act. But we hardly think about the joker and his life. Thus we got two amazing films that are based on the character of joker one in Bollywood of legendary actor raj Kapoor’s Mera Naam Joker and a Hollywood film titled Joker played by Joaquin Phoneix. Both the stories are unique in their way yet with one common character Joker.

While one film is the story of Raju who works as a joker. It’s his journey of the sorrow and personal life of the joker, his life backstage, and behind the curtains. The sadness and problems in his life that he hides with his amazing smiling face when he is on stage in front of the spectators. Tackling with his problems and hardships yet making others smile through his work.

On the other hand, Hollywood film Joker the character name is Arthur Fleck later termed joker. He is not really a joker in the true sense but a face who takes the disguise of a clown for his personal motives. He is the clown with madness. He smiles and laughs is not blissful and something that would create joy but very scary and yet there is a pain in his laugh. His character is tired of being shunned by society.  

Both films are super hit in their ways and time as Mera Naam Joker was released in 1970 and the Hollywood film Joker is very recent. However, both films have a lot of significance and are loved by people. These films also gave some real and serious life lessons to the audience.

The quotes of Raj Kapoor from the film literally touches our heart with striking reality. Quotes like “In this world, there is one thing that is more dangerous and scary than a tiger that is poverty and hunger.” This is quote is true even today after almost 50 years. It gave us the idea and thought for life that show must go on not just limited to showmanship but life in general.

“I haven’t been happy one minute of my entire f**king life” this quote from joker made stop a while and think on it. In today’s world people who are struggling but still told by society that they should smile. The entire film pints out the problems in the society we live in and how ignorant we are about the mental stress and mental health as a whole.

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