EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Gaurav Gupta talks about Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Market Down Hai’, his struggles and his journey from dentistry to stand up!

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On Monday, Amazon Prime Video announced their upcoming stand-up project ‘Market Down Hai’ featuring comedian Gaurav Gupta.  The teaser sees Gaurav Gupta take us on a funny ride where he talks about his hilarious experiences as a parent, husband, son, a Delhiite, and above all a Baniya!

We spoke to the hilarious stand-up comedian and asked him about his journey till now, struggles and many more.

Tell us something about ‘Market Down Hai.’

-This is a standup comedy show of mine and I was preparing this for the last 2 and a half years. It was a collection of thoughts and I put them together. I aligned the collections of jokes and then it took a shape.

How did the idea of becoming a comedian come to your mind? What was that turning point?

-I was a dental practitioner before. I practiced for 5 to 6 years. And then it became monotonous for me. I was doing well there also but then I switched and gave a chance to stand up and after few months I started getting a good response. 

In our country, people don’t take ‘standup comedy’ seriously as a profession. Comedians are still forced to hunt for jobs. How do you look at it?

-In India, everything is justified based on how much money you are earning out of it. If you are earning good money then your profession is good otherwise not. We need to face our parents and relatives, you can’t explain to them that you are going out to a pub and making people laugh. 

What was your parent’s reaction to stand up comedy and how did you convince them?

-My parents were not that welcoming. Because I was a dental practitioner so they were like we have invested so much in your studies and now why do you want to go in front of drunk people and crack jokes? But now they are in support of me, so in the initial stage, it was very hard to convince them but then some of my videos went viral, I was getting good paid works and people started recognising me and then it was easier for them to digest that I am finally a stand-up comedian. 

Do you think comedians are not getting the importance and visibility, the value they deserve?

-I think that time has already passed where people were not able to recognise talent. Now the stand-up comedy as an industry and artist is emerging very well. And people are recognising their talent. So, I think this is a good time for stand up comedians. 

Who’s your idol?

-I don’t have a particular idol but everyone who’s doing good creatively and is bringing uniqueness in their stand up. 

As a comedian what all difficulties, you faced till now?

-As a comedian, I had many difficulties with having stage time. It took me time to get a paid show. 

Do you think comedians are getting the right platform to showcase their talent?

They are. It’s an internet society. And it allows us to showcase our talent. And it’s open from both the side. From the artist side, they put their work and from the audience side, there is an option of liking and disliking. The whole procedure is transparent.

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