Opinion: People Are Trending #UnlockCinemaSaveJobs But The Question Is After Several Decades Of Smooth Running Of Cinema Business Why We Can’t Tackle A Cover-Up Of One year?

Ever since the nationwide lockdown was imposed in the late March all industries are facing economic backlash taking from small and medium enterprises to travel and tourism and even the entertainment industry. It has been six months now cinema halls and theatres are shut and massive economic fall back is experienced by the people who work behind the curtains and cameras like spot dada, make-up artist, art designers, and many more.

However, now the filming has been started with television shows and movies as well with the sops and guidelines given by the government of India. Many films make have opted for the direct digital release of their films. But the cinema halls are still shut. The film industry has appealed to the government for permission of reopening theaters and cinema halls.  

They should understand the pandemic is not over yet neither we have proper vaccination and cure for the disease. The cases in India are still rising every day and the number of affected patients is very close to touching one lakh mark. So opening up of the cinema halls is very dangerous and risky in the COVID scenario as the transmission of the disease can happen very rapidly.

This issue popped up the question that after several decades of smooth running of the cinema business why the industry can’t tackle the economic setback of one year? Because when the theatre halls were running and every Friday movie were releasing the business was very swiftly running. Cinema halls too charged such hefty amounts from the audience per ticket.

The Indian cinema industry is very vast and they have enough funds to support their staff too. We have 100 crore clubs we have so many films who have crossed even box office collection of more than 100 crores. We also have something called first-day box office collection so there are so many factors to count the revenue yet why we are unable to tackle the economic problem of just one year?

According to the data from statista.com, in the fiscal year 2019, the Indian film industry was valued at over 180 billion Indian rupees. And this is just the revenue of last year. Imagine what will be the number of so many years!

The film industry should come up with the Minimum Wage Program for its staff and other people working in it; so that henceforth they won’t have to face an economic crisis in the times of unforeseen problems like that of a pandemic. It was something we were not prepared for. Thus it is a time to turn this into opportunity and learns the economic lesson the COVID pandemic has thought us all.

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