WTF News: A Car Accident that Exposed Chinese Man’s 17 Girlfriends!

Chinese Cassanova’s Hospital Stay Unveils 17 Heartbroken Juliets! Mr Yuan, the love maestro, had secret affairs during the marriage, leaving a trail of broken hearts and wallets.

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WTF News  A Car Accident that Exposed Chinese Man’s 17 Girlfriend

WTF News A Car Accident that Exposed Chinese Man’s 17 Girlfriend

In a plot twist that even Shakespeare would find hard to believe, Mr. Yuan – the unsuspecting Cassanova from Changsha, Hunan Province, China, god admitted into the hospital room. Little did he know his bed would become the centre stage for exposing the multiple loves of his life.


After a minor car accident sent him to the hospital, the medical staff, assuming they were contacting Mr. Yuan's family, unintentionally unleashed a parade of women that would make a dating show jealous. Seventeen, to be exact. Forget Grey's Anatomy; this is more like "Love's Anatomy"!


It turns out Mr. Yuan, the undisputed maestro of love and master of multitasking, was concurrently dating a plethora of women, some for years – and yes, this included the marriage years. One woman was planning a wedding with him, while another had the extra joy of being the mother of his child. Ah, romance in the modern age!

Mr. Yuan's ex-wife, who generously provided insights into his romantic prowess, revealed that he possesses a supernatural ability to decode women's thoughts and say words that can rival Shakespearean sonnets. Plus, he never parts ways with his phone, not even during bathroom breaks – a true commitment or just a dedicated Instagram scroller? You decide.


Adding a financial twist to this love saga, multiple women confessed to generously funding Mr. Yuan's lifestyle, with one lady acting as his personal ATM for an impressive nine years. Move over, Casanova; we've got a financial wizard in the love game!

But fear not, dear readers, because the tale takes a sharp turn into the realm of justice. Mr. Yuan, the grand puppeteer of hearts, is now facing a new role – that of a fraudster. Looks like his romantic escapades were not just breaking hearts; they were breaking the law!


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