5 Things Which I Thought While Watching The Chhapaak Trailer Starring Deepika Padukone


The official trailer of Meghna Gulzar’s Chhapaak starring Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey released today and it really emerged as something super special. Read on…

As I saw the official trailer of Chhapaak starring Deepika Padukone, a bevy of emotions and thoughts ran through my mind. It shows the story of the acid-attack survivor and fighter Malti who hails from Delhi and how does she take on all the hurdles & roadblocks in her awe-inspiring journey. Here are a few of them!

We Want Justice : As soon as the trailer started and as I was trying to cut myself away from the noises around, chants of ‘we want justice’ were audible in the trailer’s beginning. And, whether the justice is denied or not, it is surely delayed! As shown in the trailer, Malti’s case moves to high court followed by the Supreme court and it’s definitely time-consuming. I wished that our legal-system is not as flawed as it is rn.

Character Analysis By The Police : A scene in the trailer shows a women cop questioning someone representing Malti about the splurge of call-logs with guys before filing her case. The other women questions back by asking that how is it relevant to her case and rightly so! It is a very common phenomenon which is sexist and regressive where police questions and gives a character certificate to the women complainers but never asks the same to men.

The Will Of Women To Rise In Life & Career Is Often Labelled As Being A Rebel : I have never understood how countless men have continued to out a stop to flourishing careers and education of many girls by either stopping it midway or by getting them married or by asking them to stay at home while they continue to earn for the family’s bread & butter. It is also shown in the trailer as how Malti became one of those women who wanted to grow in her life but it all had to take a backseat after the acid-attack.

Finding Love And Progressive Men Is Possible : In the trailer, Vikrant Massey is shown as that ray of sunshine in Malti’s life which not only empowers her by giving her a job but also makes place for love in her life. She seems happy and it must have made her realize that not all the men are the same.

Watch, Reflect And Educate : As the trailer was over, I was all teary-eyed and was about to break down but I somehow controlled my emotions and went on thinking about how cinema can bring a huge change in a person’s mind-space and even it can make us operate & function in different manner. Being more empathetic & responsible can come easy, only if you reflect the cause.

What did you think after seeing the trailer? If you haven’t seen it till now, watch it here!

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