'Chef Kunal Kapur's Divorce Plea Over Cruelty by Wife Granted by High Court: A Cry for Justice'

The article discusses celebrity chef Kunal Kapur's recent divorce plea, granted by the High Court due to alleged cruelty inflicted by his wife. This highlights the need for justice and protection against abuse in marriages.

By Megha Badiger
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Divorce Plea Over Cruelty

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Chef Kunal Kapur, the renowned celebrity chef, has made headlines recently not for his culinary skills, but for a personal issue – his divorce plea being granted by the High Court on grounds of mental cruelty by his wife. This news has stirred up a storm in the country, with many people wondering what prompted the court to make such a decision. This unique blog will delve into the details of this case and explore the concept of mental cruelty in a marriage.


Understanding Mental Cruelty

As the name suggests, mental cruelty refers to the infliction of suffering on one’s partner through tactics that are not physical but psychological. It can manifest in various forms, including emotional abuse, manipulation, neglect, constant belittling, and controlling behavior. Mental cruelty is equally damaging to a person’s well-being as physical abuse, if not more.

Chef Kunal Kapur’s Case


Chef Kunal Kapur tied the knot with his childhood sweetheart, Sahana Kapur, in 2003. They both had flourishing careers ahead in the hospitality industry and seemed like the perfect power couple – until they decided to part ways in 2017. In an interview with a leading news channel, Chef Kapur revealed the reasons behind his divorce, citing mental cruelty by his wife as the main cause. He mentioned that his wife would constantly belittle him and control every aspect of his life, leading to frequent arguments and fights.

The High Court’s Verdict

After hearing both sides, the High Court granted Chef Kapur a divorce on grounds of mental cruelty by his wife. The judgment stated that the actions of the wife had taken a toll on the husband’s mental and emotional well-being, making it impossible for the couple to continue their marriage. The court also took into consideration that Chef Kapur’s wife had filed false complaints against him, which not only caused him mental agony but also damaged his reputation. The decision of the High Court has been widely appreciated by many, with people hailing it as a step towards justice for men facing mental cruelty in marriages.


The Issue of Gender Bias

Although the notion of mental cruelty in a marriage is not gender-specific, there have been numerous cases where men have been victims of it. However, due to deep-rooted societal bias and stereotypes, men are often not taken seriously when they come forward to voice their suffering. This creates an imbalance in the judicial system and denies men the justice they deserve.

The Way Forward

The verdict in Chef Kunal Kapur’s case has sparked a critical conversation about the need for gender-neutral laws and a fairer outlook towards men who are victims of mental cruelty in marriages. It is essential to address this issue and raise awareness about it so that people can recognize the signs of mental abuse and seek help before it’s too late.

In conclusion, Chef Kunal Kapur’s divorce plea being granted by the High Court on grounds of mental cruelty by his wife is not just a personal victory for him, but a victory for all men who have silently suffered in similar toxic marriages. It is a reminder that mental abuse is equally detrimental to a person’s well-being and should not be overlooked in the pursuit of a “happy” marriage. Let us hope that this decision sets a precedent and encourages others to speak up against mental cruelty, regardless of their gender.

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