BTS’s Turned On A Live Broadcast After Grammy To Thank Fans For Their Support, All Member Shares A Positive Attitude & Promises To Work Harder For Next Year

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Recently BTS who marked history with their GRAMMY nomination and solo performance at the 63rd GRAMMY Awards.

Members turned on the live broadcast to thanks fans for their support. They have shared a positive attitude and promised to work hard next year.

BTS Rm said, “Although many of you may have expected that we would not get the award, I take it as a sign for us to ‘Come and get it yourself’. That’s how I am accepting it.”

He further added, “I saw a few articles about it being a fall through with the award, but it’s not really a fall through. Honestly, it’s the first time we’ve been nominated. It’s the first time being nominated as a group and holding a solo performance. Let’s think of this in a positive light.”

“Ah it’s okay. This is enough and of course it would be a lie to say that we’re not bummed. It’s really amazing guys, right? Let’s give a round of applause and pat ourselves on the back for doing something so amazing together. Let’s never stop and let’s keep on going!”, He Said.

V said, “We will work hard so that we can come back to the GRAMMYs again next year. ARMYs, help us out again one more time!”

Jungkook shared, “ARMYs you guys are amazing. I was able to see the size of just how much love and support you have been giving us. Looking at the GRAMMY site, our graph was very tall. In 2021, we will be artists who return the love you have given us. You guys worked hard. Let’s continue to make great and happy memories together.”

Suga expressed, “I’m a bit sleepy now but, it was great to perform on stage. Although it would have been better if we won, we still were able to perform. I think if we work harder this year, we can receive an award next year!”

J-Hope added, “I want to thank ARMYs once again for staying up to watch the show. Wow it looks like my dark circles are really bad because I stayed up. Although we’re a bit bummed, we still were able to do a solo stage and become nominated. Honestly, we wouldn’t even be able to receive this honor if it wasn’t for you all. Thank you all so much. This also gives us more motivation.”

Jimin said, “We started from nothing and now we’re here. We can make it happen again with you all. We should just keep trying.”

Jin added. “We started from nothing and now we’re here. We can make it happen again with you all. We should just keep trying.”

Fans were touched that they would come on to do a live stream even though they were tired from staying up all night.

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