Jungkook's Culinary Adventure in New York City: A Feast Fit for a Billion Streams

BTS's Jungkook, stationed in the military, celebrated success in NYC with favourite foods—tuna kimbap, gochujang shrimp crackers, and banana milk. Presented a Spotify Billions Club plaque, he shared delightful insights into his palate and memories.

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Jungkook's Culinary Adventure in New York City A Feast Fit for a Billion Streams

Jungkook's Culinary Adventure in New York City: A Feast Fit for a Billion Streams

In the midst of fulfilling his mandatory military service, BTS's Jungkook has gifted ARMYs with a delectable taste of his New York City culinary journey, courtesy of pre-filmed content. The latest installment revolves around Spotify officially presenting him with the coveted Billions Club silver plaque, commemorating the staggering success of his debut solo single, "SEVEN."


Jungkook's achievement of one billion Spotify streams on October 30, 2023, not only marked a milestone for the artist but also etched "SEVEN" as the fastest song to reach this impressive feat in Spotify's history.

To celebrate this remarkable accomplishment, Jungkook delved into a feast of his favourite dishes, showcased elegantly atop the silver "platter" of the Billions Club plaque. Here's a glimpse into the delectable selection:

1. Tuna Kimbap


Jungkook's initial choice was the beloved tuna kimbap, a dish he professed his love for, placing it at the centre of the prestigious plaque.

2. Gochujang Shrimp Crackers

The BTS maknae's curiosity led him to the second choice of gochujang shrimp crackers, a flavour he encountered for the first time in the U.S. after previously observing similar spicy varieties in Korea.


3. Soy Sauce Eggs

For his third dish, Jungkook opted for soy sauce eggs, admitting that this particular delicacy hadn't graced his palate frequently.

4. Haitai Homerun Ball


Suggesting an innovative approach, Jungkook recommended using an air fryer to enhance the flavour of his fourth choice, the chocolate-filled biscuits known as Haitai Homerun Ball, or indulging in them frozen.

5. Japchae

Highlighting the timeless appeal of Korean cuisine, Jungkook's fifth selection was japchae, the classic stir-fried dish featuring sweet potato starch noodles, often referred to as Korean glass noodles.


6. Banana Milk

Known for his unabashed love for banana milk, Jungkook reminisced about indulging in this childhood favourite after rigorous practice sessions, emphasizing its significance in his culinary repertoire.

7. Castella


Closing the culinary journey, Jungkook chose Castella sponge cake, specifically noting its perfect pairing with his beloved banana milk.

As ARMYs eagerly await his return from military service, Jungkook's gastronomic adventure in New York City offers a delightful and personal touch to his celebrated achievements, creating a unique connection with fans around the world.


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