Happy Jin Day: A Birthday Song Inspired from Army Threads!

Note: This creative song feature is inspired by heartfelt sentiments expressed in ARMY threads, capturing the essence of love and admiration for BTS' Jin on his special day.

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Happy Jin Day A Birthday Song Inspired from Army Threads

Happy Jin Day A Birthday Song Inspired from Army Threads

In the magical land of ARMY threads, where words dance like fairies, a special melody plays today – a birthday song for the one and only Kim Seokjin. Imagine each ARMY's tweet as a colourful note in a birthday song, telling tales of Jin's kindness and leaving a sprinkle of joy. Come, let's explore these tweets, turning them into a simple yet heartfelt song for our Worldwide Handsome.



In a world of boys, shines a gentleman's grace,


Kim Seokjin, our star, in this vast K-pop space.

ARMY threads echo, the love they proclaim,

Happy Birthday, Kim Seokjin in our hearts, you'll reign! 





Happy birthday, Seokjin, threads weave your story,

A true chef, humble soul, in all his glory.

"Do you have a sad day?" his words gently say,


Mah gentle guy, love blooms in every display. 



 Thoughtful and kind, in his love, we confide,

The threads unfold stories, in every stride.

"I'm so in love with him," echoes through the night,


Jin, the love of my life, our guiding light. 


"I miss him so badly," whispers through the screen,

Every ARMY heart, where his presence has been.

Sending love across pixels, in each typed word,

For Jin, our happiness, forever assured. 


As the threads unravel, and the day turns to night,

Happy Birthday, Seokjin, in the soft moonlight.

Love of our lives, in every typed line,

Jin, forever ours, eternally divine. 


Let's imagine the sound of clinking glasses and cheerful laughter echoing in the virtual air. The tweets, like little love notes, linger, creating a beautiful picture of Jin painted with words. Happy Birthday, Seokjin! May the simple joys found in these threads continue to twinkle like stars in the night sky, lighting up your world.


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