BTS Suga Suprises Jimin At His Video Fan Event, Asks Him To Do 'Sorry For Being Cute' Challenge

By Kanan Parmar
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Credits: Hindustan Times

On August 25, 2023, BANGTAN TV released a video featuring BTS' Suga making a surprise appearance at Jimin's virtual fan sign meet event, sending ARMYs into a frenzy. Suga joined the video call as a fan and asked him to perform the "Sorry for Being Cute Challenge."


Jimin accepted Suga's challenge and completed it, prompting a sarcastic response from Suga. Their wholesome interaction created a jovial atmosphere among the fans. In addition, Suga also took on the challenge himself, causing the Like Crazy singer to burst into laughter, delighting fans and showcasing their strong bond.

The video quickly went viral on social media, captivating ARMYs with the playful interactions between the duo. Fans flooded social media platforms to express their excitement and enjoyment.


BTS's Suga surprised Jimin at his video fan sign meet. He entered the event pretending to be an ARMY named Jiyoon. He couldn't help smiling after discovering it was Suga. Suga replied that he had little time on his hands and instantly asked him to take on the "Sorry for Being Cute Challenge."

Towards the end of the video, Suga mentioned that he was getting inspired by the singer and expressed his desire to hold a video fan sign event as well. In response, the Like Crazy singer humorously stated that Suga couldn't outdo him as an idol. Suga then asked the singer to sing a song for him, but due to time constraints of the fan meeting, he declined and instead did a short dance.

 Suga jokingly said that if the Promise singer didn't sing for him, it would become a social media controversy, and he would post about his behavior humorously. The fan meeting concluded, and the duo expressed their enjoyment.


Fans were thrilled to watch the engaging interactions between the idols, pointing out that "Jiyoon" combined Jimin and Yoongi (Suga's other name). They also commended the AMYGDALA singer for keeping his promise, as he had previously mentioned in the Suchwita episodes that he would be one of the fans attending his fan sign event.


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