BLACKPINK's Lisa and Chinese Celebrities Face Censorship Over Cabaret Controversy

BLACKPINK's Lisa faces backlash in China over her association with a cabaret performance, leading to the banning of her Weibo account. Some Chinese celebrities also suffer account removals due to alleged violations of China's censorship laws.

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 Crazy Horse Cabaret


In an unfolding controversy, BLACKPINK's Lisa finds herself in hot water in China due to her involvement in a cabaret performance at The Crazy Horse in Paris. While Lisa herself did not partake in any explicit acts, China's strict laws against nudity and obscenity have led to repercussions for the K-pop star.


China's regulations prohibit its citizens, including celebrities, from participating in or even attending shows related to nudity and obscenity. Lisa's association with The Crazy Horse, a renowned venue for its strip dancers, led to the banning of her platforms in China. On November 1, 2023, her Weibo account was taken down.

This controversy has also ensnared Chinese celebrities who allegedly attended Lisa's performances. Actress Angelababy, who had previously faced criticism for attending a BLACKPINK show in Macau, now finds herself in the spotlight again for her visit to The Crazy Horse. As a result, her Weibo account, which boasted over 104 million followers, was removed.

It's not just Angelababy who faced the repercussions; fellow actress Zhang Jia Ni also had her Weibo account deleted for similar reasons. China's strict censorship laws extend to celebrities who breach them, effectively limiting their ability to communicate with the public and reducing their influence.


This unfolding controversy underscores the complex and stringent regulations surrounding public figures and their interactions with explicit content in China, as the country enforces strict moral guidelines for its celebrities and citizens.

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