BIGHIT MUSIC Unveils BTS RM's Second Solo Album: 'Right Place, Wrong Person'

BIGHIT MUSIC announces BTS RM's second solo album 'Right Place, Wrong Person', sparking criticism over timing amid his military service and NewJeans' release.

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BIGHIT MUSIC Unveils BTS RM's Second Solo Album: 'Right Place, Wrong Person'

BIGHIT MUSIC Unveils BTS RM's Second Solo Album: 'Right Place, Wrong Person'

BIGHIT MUSIC has ignited excitement among fans with the announcement of BTS member RM's second solo album, 'Right Place, Wrong Person'. Scheduled for release on May 24 at 1 p.m. KST, the album promises to capture universal emotions through its 11 tracks, delving into themes of outsiderhood and fitting in.


RM's album, classified under the alternative genre, is anticipated to feature a rich sound complemented by honest, introspective lyrics, garnering widespread anticipation and support from fans.

The announcement, however, has sparked criticism from netizens regarding the timing of the release, coinciding with RM's ongoing military service. Despite RM's absence, the album's release has raised questions about HYBE Labels' strategic decisions, particularly concerning the simultaneous release with NewJeans' single album, 'How Sweet', on May 24 at midnight EST / 1 p.m. KST.

While HYBE had previously pledged to support NewJeans' comeback plans amidst recent events, some fans question the rationale behind scheduling RM's album release at the same time. The juxtaposition of these releases has led to speculation and debate among netizens, raising concerns about HYBE's management strategies.


Amidst the excitement surrounding RM's upcoming album, discussions continue online regarding the implications of HYBE's decisions on the broader BTS and K-pop landscape, highlighting the intricacies of artist management and promotional strategies within the industry.

Here is netizens' reaction:

  • "Typical HYBE behavior. Whenever they're in a pinch, they pull out the BTS card to save themselves."

  • "How strange to see artists under the same company competing against each other." 

  • "Announcing it right now? Makes it really hard for anyone to believe it was a coincidence..." 

  • "It literally looks like HYBE played the BTS card to prevent NewJeans from doing well this comeback."

  • "HYBE those b******s. BTS is not your shield. Stop using them whenever you're in trouble and give them the proper promotions they deserve. There's no way releasing the album at the same time as NewJeans is beneficial for RM."

  • "They think it's some smart move to get in the way of NewJeans, but all it's doing is getting in the way of Namjoon and ARMYs!"

  • "They're trying so hard to force ARMYs into the fight, oh like hell we'll support ungrateful HYBE."


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