BTS VLive: Jungkook Held An Karaoke Session With Fans& Also Thanks For Supporting Small Businesses

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BTS’s Jungkook recently held a live stream and had a fun time interacting with fans through a karaoke session,.

A few days back on weverse, Jungkook shared a snippet of his version for the bridge part of “Dis-ease.”

In the Vlive session, he revealed that he posted it as he felt that fans would enjoy listening to it. In order to bring some more fun to the live stream, Jungkook began playing and singing different songs from other member solo tracks, tracks from their newest albums, as well as other pop songs.

Jungkook starts out with J-Hope‘s newest release “Blue Side”, giving fans a different take on the song.

Next, he moves to Jin‘s track “Abyss” which was released on his birthday last year. Jungkook is seen grooving to the song as he sings it with his signature style.

Then Jungkook also sang the rap portion of the song “Blue & Gray.”

He sang 1000 Hours wooning over his smooth vocals for this one.

JK rapping is so crazy!!

He sang at My Worst and melted all his fans heart!!

Jungkook’s put Nothing Like Us vocals together with English n made it amazing for the fan!!

He also hummed along a bit to V‘s solo track Sweet Night as well!!

Jungkook couldn’t help but dance along to Jin’s “Moon”!

Also, he expressed his gratitude towards the fans for supporting the small business as in a previous live stream, he mentioned that he was drinking kombucha, only to have it sell out after his broadcast.

According to Teazen, the sales for kombucha rose to 500% after Jungkook mentioned it in his live stream. The company took Instagram and thanked everyone for the support.

In the caption they written:

Wow… what is happening. With just one word from him and we’ve sold out a months’ supply in just three days. #thankyou

In the recent VLive session he updated fan, “I couldn’t buy kombucha because it was sold out. I could only buy two boxes…ARMYs are the best”.”

After hearing that he could only get a hold of two boxes, the company responded by letting him know that they would make 200 boxes available for him!

They wrote, “The Teazen factory is in full force! We will work harder, thank you so much. Although we have a lemon, we also have Yuza and berry! 2 boxes? We can have 200 boxes ready for you. Jungkook, it’s over here!”

Although he joked about not being able to buy it, he also revealed that he was aware of his influence he has in anything he wears, eats or drinks. Because many fans continue to buy the things he uses, they are unknowingly supporting small businesses. Jungkook expressed his gratitude to ARMYs that they were able to help businesses during these tough times.

This the reason why he is known as, ‘sold out king’ among fans!!

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