Bts'V Surprises Fan, Spends A Day With Her As They Enjoy Meal, Play Arcade Games And Exchange Gifts!

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Credits: allkpop

BTS singer V aka Kim Taehyung surprised a fan recently for Dingo Story. On Thursday, the latest episode from the show features Kim Taehyung talking about his love for BTS ARMY as he went on to spend an entire day with the lucky fan. He even dropped her off and wrapped up with a warm hug which left the fan emotional.


The video began with Kim Taehyung reaching a restaurant where he patiently waited for the fan. He says to the camera, “I was dreaming of a day like this, spending a day with ARMY.” He went on to surprise her by sitting right behind her and calling her name. The shocked fan took some time to calm down and the two exchanged greetings. As V sat down with her for a meal, the fan looked overwhelmed and even doubted if it was the real singer or a hologram. The Love Me Again singer proved her wrong by eating noodles in front of her.

The two chat for some time before heading out to a game parlour nearby where they play a variety of arcade games. V seemed exceptionally good at playing air hockey. After a fun round of games, the two walked to a photo booth and posed for pictures. V helps the fan with poses as they wear headbands and pose together. He showed her how to ace a half-wink face for the camera.


 Both collect their polaroid pictures and get into a vehicle where they open up about their thoughts. This is when V tells her, “You really smiled a lot today, and that's why I was feeling great too.” As their time together ends, V gets out of the vehicle to drop her off. They two show their match purple charms before saying goodbyes. The singer tells her to take care and hopes to see her again. He extends his arms for a hug and the fan grows emotional.

In extended post-credit scenes, the fan is seen crying inconsolably as her time with Kim Taehyung comes to an end. While people from the cast and crew are heard trying to console her, V returns from his car and makes her laugh. He also says, “Gomawoyo (thank you),” and hugs her once again.

 Meanwhile, V has posted a glimpse of his pictures with the fans on his Instagram Stories. He also shared a link to the video as a part of his promotional activities ahead of his solo debut. He will be releasing his first solo album Layover on September 8.

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