BTS Suga Yet Again Gives Life Lessons To Beginners & Those In Doubt!

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Being a pop singer looks all gala and fun but when we talk about behind the curtains it is not as easy as it seems! holding to the perfect tune to hours and hours of rehearsals to come out with the fantastic moves being in this pop-music field is no child’s play. There are many wonderful musicians out there who are yet hesitant to release their work, here Suga come as a Saviour for those newbies who are In doubt with their career and guide them to be confident!

Many creators are unsure even after they’ve produced good work. How do you get the conviction to release your work?
SUGA: Many musicians are unsure whether they should release their music or not. It was the same for me, but the thing is, you’ll never release anything if you nitpick everything. For example, if we release 10 songs, we have a chance to unveil them in concerts or fan events. And sometimes, as we listen to the song, we think, ‘Why does this part that had bothered me no longer bother me?’ Some things might feel awkward at some point, but in time, it no longer feels awkward. Even I forget about it. So it’s more efficient to fine-tune, looking at the big picture, rather than thinking too much about the details. On top of that, during promotions, I don’t have the time to pick tracks that others have sent for 10 hours. It would be a success for all of us if each of us plays and writes a melody in our own time and collaborates with others on the details. So the way of songwriting has evolved in many aspects.

What motivated such evolution?
SUGA: I think it evolved naturally. I’ve changed in personality this year (2020), as well as in terms of my interpretation and attitude toward life to the extent that I almost thought I’ve been rehearsing. How would it feel like if there were no stage to go to or anyone looking out for me? This thought made me realise the value of these things.

That is one amazing life lesson given by Suga for the upcoming musicians and their careers. So if you are a newbie in the field of music then this is your cue you should focus on.

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