BTS Suga REVEALS Why Learning Guitar Was An Important Feat For Him

BTS Suga REVEALS Why Learning Guitar Was An Important Feat For Him

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BTS Suga has never been hidden with his talent and nature, the one who is so passionate on life and of course with his globally adored career. And this proves when the member recently sat with entertainment publication i.e. Weverse for the interview. He went on revealing the secrets about why learning guitar was an important feat for him, about his surger, how he misses being with the band and a lot more.

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When Life Goes On hitmaker was asked, ‘Speaking of which, it seems BE was influenced from music of the past rather than today’s trends.’ There when he went on stating that he likes impromptu music. Especially he loves when the songs that are made in one take instead of being recorded several times. Also being in this era of crossover genres, Suga has desire to do better in music that what is growing inside him.

Further when he questioned about, As the genres become more blended, the melody you use must be more important. Does starting to play the guitar affect your composing in any way?

Min Yoongi unveiled, “I always liked using guitar sounds. And I have always liked the Eagles. If you play the guitar, it’s way easier to write songs because you can carry it along wherever you go, pluck on the strings to create melody lines. Keyboards are difficult to carry around. (Laughs) I usually work on my laptop but I had this thought that I definitely needed an instrument. It accelerates my work and improves my understanding of chords.”

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The interviewer wondered and asked that it makes him think Suga could intuitively make melodies.

Through which Blueberry eyes rapper added, “It’s easier to write a song because you can intuitively make a progression and try many different things. During my work on ‘Eight’, IU had recorded and sent me a song from her phone. At the time I couldn’t play the guitar, so we tried to make sure we’re working on the same page when keeping track of each other’s progress. That made me feel the need to learn an instrument.”

What a clarification he has with his life and career objectives also in learning new stuffs to look for and appreciate. And now doubt every member of this biggest boy band has something or the other specially for which we cannot take our hearts away and that makes them very special.

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