BTS Suga OPENS Up On Missing His Members On BE Magazine

BTS Suga OPENS Up On Missing His Members On BE Magazine

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ARMY is been missing Suga for a longtime now, as he has underwent for shoulder surgery in November 2020 is now recovering on it and been away from the limelight. Though we saw him taking the stage on storm at New Year’s Eve event, was great to see him yet having a problem in his shoulder as he is fully yet to recover now.

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The BTS member recently sat for the interview with Weverse, where he talked about his passion for his life and music. The most highlighted part is when he said that it does not feel great at all, as his other band members have been doing promotions in missing of him. Suga says that he could see the “emptiness” because he knows something is missing. Read on!

When he was asked how does it feel like watching the other members doing promotions? SUGA stated, “I can’t say it feels great. I could see the emptiness because we’ve been together as a group of seven for so long. Not necessarily because I’m not there but because something that should be there is missing?”

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Further he went on revealing about what made him join the promotion as much as possible and who shot lots of video footage in advance also on that he even appeared in the Mnet “2020 MAMA” through VR.

And Agust D singer said, “Fake SUGA (Laughs). There’s this 3D studio where we shot it. I shot, scanned, and acted there, but couldn’t see the actual result at the studio. I thought a sense of displacement was unavoidable, and that was exactly the case. (Laughs) I acted normal because it would have been aired anyway even if I hadn’t had the surgery, but it seems a lot because it’s aired after the surgery.”

It is so good that the person who’s being honest with what goes and what not, what happened after and before, and much more to adore for.

Wishing SUGA a speedy recovery!

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